Looking for a good quality lounger that allows you to relax while doing activities like playing and reading? If so, keep reading.

The Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger Foam Chair is a one-of-a-kind expandable lounger that contains foams instead of beans.

Many electronic stores in the United States and Canada offer this comfortable and durable lounger to their customers. The product is gaining a lot of popularity among online shoppers.

Most of the people today prefer to add furniture to their home that provides relaxation. They look for chairs that allow them to sit while watching television or playing games.

There are many furniture brands that make foam chairs and beanbags. Today we inform you about the foam chair that has caught the attention of many shopping enthusiasts. Read on to learn more.

What is this foam chair?

The Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger foam chair is from Lounge and Co. It is a furniture store located in Quebec, Canada. The 36-inch lounger comes in various colors like red.

It is filled with premium quality foam. Unlike other online chairs, this one does not contain beans. The chair comes with a cover that is machine washable. It is a huge chair that is designed for everyone from adults to children.

The product appears in various e-stores and buyers share numerous reviews. Read on as we share the specifications of this well-designed expandable foam chair.

Foam chair specifications:

• The Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger foam chair is 36 inches in size.

• The product is available in various colors.

• The lounger is filled with round foam suitable for furniture.

• The foam chair is covered with a corduroy cover.

• The product cover is machine washable.

• The lounger is filled with self-expanding foam.

• The foam chair provides more comfort than

Advantages of using this foam chair:

• The chair can be used for many fun and relaxing activities such as games, watching TV, etc.

• The chair provides comfort and relaxation.

• The chair is soft and the material is durable.

• The chair has self-expanding foam.

• The chair has been designed to fit adults and children.

 Cons of using this foam chair:

• The Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger foam chair is comparatively expensive.

• Some negative reviews from customers who complain that the chair does not expand.

Is the foam chair legit or not?

The product is available from many trustworthy and trustworthy e-commerce stores. It’s from the Lounge and Co. brand. The Canadian-based furniture store specializes in making foam loungers.

The company has a presence on social media accounts such as Facebook. On social media platforms, online stores and other forums, the product has received a lot of customer reviews. Most of the reviews are positive, indicating that the Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger Foam Chair is 100% legit and genuine.

What are customers saying about the Lounger foam chair?

It is essential to check the opinions of the buyers, as it lets you know if the product is worth it. We found a lot of reviews for the foam chair. In e-stores and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., shoppers share their experience with the product.

Most of the chair reviews come from satisfied customers. Buyers share that the product lived up to expectations. Buyers are generally impressed with the size, shape, color and design of the lounger.

We also found some negative reviews for the Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger Foam Chair where customers share that the product did not expand. Others did not appear to be impressed with the price of the product.


The chair from the Canada-based company is a self-expanding foam chair. It comes packed with round foams that ensure proper comfort. The shape and size of the lounger provide maximum relaxation.

The lounger comes in many colors. Adding it to the home can help you relax and unwind while sitting. The product is available from many reliable online stores and the brand that makes these chairs is quite popular.

The Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger foam chair has received good reviews from many customers. Many of them seem pleased with the convenience feature of the product. If you have used this lounger, please share your experience in the comment section.