Lotteries are very addictive games that easily affect a person with amazing prizes and cash prizes. Likewise, in today’s article we will be taking a look at one of the online betting platforms through Lotto Go Scam, popular for its fantastic games and winning prizes in the UK.

The website is a rebranding of the World Lottery Club and the owner of this website is Annexio Limited.

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What is Lotto GO?

LottoGo is the rebranding of the World Lottery Club in 2018, a lotto betting site that allows players to bet on the absolute best results of American and European lotteries. Annexio Limited has jobs in the Isle of Man and London.

It is licensed from UK and UK bookmaking commissions, as does the Irish National Excise Office. LottoGo is operated by Annexio Limited, an online betting organization based in the Isle of Man.

After reviewing the legal aspects of this website, we have collected some important information that largely proves its authenticity. It could be a simple site.

IsLottoGo scam?

Whether it is a scam or a legitimate site, we researched more information about this site to know about it.

Website specification:

• The site is a rebranding of the World Lottery Club and has an active online betting license

• Has many trusted customers who have stated that it is a legitimate site

• Offer secure payment options.

• The website is SSL protected and contains no harmful content.

• The name of the company that owns this website is Annexio Limited.

• The operator cares about the security of players’ data

• The site has two locations, one in London and the other on the Isle of Man.

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What services does Lotto Go offer?

Lotto Go offered various betting games that allow players to participate in the game and win fantastic prizes. The players have to guess the correct numbers and then they’re all ready to play or win the lottery. Lotto Go offered 30 games, including 100,000 cash, Cops & Robbers, 777 scratch cards, Cash Cuisine and many more.

Therefore, if you are thinking of trying out this online betting platform, you have to understand that it is a guessing game. If you bet on the correct number, your chance of winning is greater, and if you don’t, you may lose. So the decision to choose this platform is up to you.

Is Lotto Go Safe?

As an unbiased reviewer, we found that the site had obtained various active licenses from higher authorities such as the UK, Isle of Man Plant Commissions and Ireland’s National Excise Office. These licenses proved that Lotto Go Scam is not a scam.

Customers opinion

The site has a large number of positive reviews that state that it is legitimate. Their customer support is professional and responsive, but as we know this is a lottery site it also has negative customer reviews claiming it is a scam. They didn’t receive any winning awards and experienced poor customer service.

Therefore, after reading these negative reviews, we are now confused and decided not to conclude.

Final verdict is a rebranding of the World Lottery Club and has an online betting license in which players take part in betting on the absolute best results of American and European lotteries.

In addition, Lotto Go Scam has checked the legality of the site. We found that the site has a lot of positive customer reviews and has high trust ratings. This shows that it may be a genuine website, but on the other hand, we also collected some negative reviews that claimed it was a scam or scam website.

Therefore, we ask our readers to do a thorough research and know all aspects of this website before playing sports betting.

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