Over 39% of men and 40% of women are overweight in the world. In 2016 reports, there are 13% overweight men and 15% overweight women among the whole population who survived for their weight and also faced so many health issues. Those who are overweight face so many risks of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, etc., and women also faced some eternal problems such as periods, pregnancy problems. They are also abused by the people for their weight. Some of them used dangerous pills which affect their body, eat so many medications but it did not give any results. Now you can lose weight in a healthy way if you follow the proper diet plan and do some workouts.

Most people want a fit and attractive chest and if you build a good chest you will gain all the results. So in this article, we will discuss a full diet plan and the best chest workout routine which may you follow for a fit and healthy body.

Full day diet plan:

Before you take any diet plan, you must be sure that the same diet plan is not for everyone. You can make your own diet plan with your body structure. So before taking any meal you must know about your body weight. You lose weight when you burn more calories, you eat and drink. So exercises are too important for losing weight. To burn fat you should eat low fiber, low-calorie food. If you thought that you decrease your food and lose weight, no this makes you weak so eat low-calorie not little foods. 


After waking up, drink a glass of warm water with one tea-spoon honey. Then go for a morning walk and do some exercise.


At breakfast, you can eat green tea or black coffee with digestive biscuits.

After breakfast:

At this time suppose at 10.am you can eat an egg (white part), some bread. Do not use butter or ghee or any kind of oil.


100gm rice with any kind of vegetables which contain low fiber, small fish, and salad and at last eat some curd.


At this time you can do some exercise and eat some dry fruits.


In the evening you can eat dry rice or any kind of small food.


At dinner, you can eat 2 wheat roti or any kind of vegetables or a cup of curd.

Just make sure that you eat fewer calories and high protein. 56-91 grams for males and 45-75 grams protein needed for females per day.

Best chest workout routine:

If you only maintain a diet then you did not get the result. So with a proper diet do some exercise. Exercise not only improves your look but also improves your strength, your mood and of course your health. Chest workouts mean working with pectoral muscles or “pecs”.

Some chest exercises which you must add to your workout routines such as incline bench, bar, dumbbells, and chest press. You can also use parallel bars or benches. You can also do cable crossovers or cable fly benches.

If you are a beginner, contact a well-reputed and experienced trainer who trains you in a proper way. At first, you start with a lower weight so the risk of injury is reduced.

A number of sets and reps depends on your thinking or goal:

  To build the chest, do 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps and rest a maximum of 1-3 minutes.

If you want to increase your strength do 1-3 sets or 2-6 sets of 7-10 reps or 1-8 reps and rest 1-2 minutes.


This diet plan and workout routine are for both men and women. To maintain all of these and get a fit and healthy body.