Finding it difficult to select the right SEO agency for the company?.Yes, I understand that selecting a good SEO freelancer is just as difficult as choosing a spouse. A irrational decision not only will put a hole in your pocket but will also waste precious time which a non competitive individual will waste. There are plenty of people in the SEO fraternity who follow unethical techniques. Several SEO’s do poor quality work. Black hat approach to website optimisation is not what search engines expects in 2020 But these people still practice bulk link building activities which is considered unethical by Google. The website optimisation techniques which they follow does not work anymore ithese days. If you give offer to someone non-competitive then obviously they will do activities which are not right for your site and you will pay the price. There are different types of digital marketing activities which are performed by digital marketers but we need to select the right activities.

How Hiring a Low-Cost SEO Company can be a Big Problem

Who does not know about Google Penguin, an upgrade which came in Forth month on the year 2012 and transformed everything about SEO. If the site acquired an unnatural backlink pattern, then it was affected by this upgrade. Google used to penalise websites with inferior backlinks before also. Manual penalty was initially done by Google before Penguin. Earlier these types of spam back-linking used to work (till 2008-2010) but then Google got more strict in this. Now, Google is after these unethical methods like anything and if your SEO Freelancer takes this tactic, then it is almost guaranteed that your website will hit a Google penalty. Although, Google penalties can be recovered however only in case when you know how you can recover and what to restore from. The way to check the penalty for your site is information in the search console. But I am almost certain that you will get any messages for penalty then your SEO agency will hide or remove that. You will always ask yourself what is wrong with the website and why it is not ranking. Coming out of penalty will not be straightforward even if you think about switching your agency. Reports make life easy for companies to locate issues and alternatives, however without reports many people will struggle.

Top 3 things to expect from a genuine SEO

1)On-Site SEO.

Always think Long Term. SEO is a never ending marathon race.

It is not anything like Paid Marketing channel like Adwords. Google Adwords will help you generate qualified prospects in no-time by placing your advert on page one of Google. This also has a display network where your advertising will be displayed on various other websites which are in Google Network. If you perform search engine optimisation as per Google’s recommendations then it is called White Hat search engine optimisation. If search engine optimization is actually done the white hat method then the website cannot be penalised ever. On-site search engine optimization factors such as website design, written content, meta tags and H1 tag are actually the lifeline of any search engine optimization technique. Any clever search engine optimization agency will spend a lot of time on on-site approach and implementation..

2)Link Building Strategy

Search engine ranking on high competition keywords needs additional efforts and back-links. PR is the new search engine optimization in 2020. It would always be great to learn from your search engine optimization organization about their methodology of creating backlinks. Also obtain a full report every 2 2 or 3 weeks to review the backlinks created by them. Search engine optimization hard work should not be evaluated depending on the number of links created but the good quality of back links made by your SEO guide. Researching links is actually an skill and can only be performed by an expert with tools. It usually takes a lots of efforts to complete this task.

3) Trust only SEO Reports

Every decent SEO agency gives on-page and off-page reports on weekly or month to month bases. All improvements should be noted in the reports about on-page SEO work should be reported in a report by your SEO Company|It would be good to have records in Google docs about on-site changes. I prefer Google docs due to the real-time tracking convenience. Reports are actually essential to track the results of any SEO strategy. Google sheets are ideal for keeping the back link reports. The actual records will be helpful in long term to examine the live and dead links.

This is Very Important

Excellent SEO firm are always clear in reporting. If any agency guarantees first page search engine ranking then that is an alarming signal and you should not work with them blindly. Selecting an SEO agency is essential because results of your business is dependent on how they perform. They should be hired the same way you hire any Sr Exec in the business.