Dubai is a famous city that is constantly growing and evolving, so the demand for more buildings for sale in Dubai is also increasing. However, if you want to purchase a commercial property in Dubai, many things come into play. Hence, you must conduct thorough research and be careful before investing money. There are many factors to consider to ensure that you do this successfully. In this blog post, we will discuss the top six aspects that will help you narrow your search for commercial buildings for sale in Dubai. 

1. Location

When looking for a full building for rent in Dubai, location plays a significant role. This is because the location of the property will impact your business in more than one way. For example, suppose your business is located in an area with abundant footfall. In that case, it is highly likely that you will have more customers walking in and hence you will make more profits. Moreover, if you are in a prime location, it gives the impression that you are reliable. Therefore, you should definitely consider the location of the commercial real estate property before making a decision.

2. Price

Price is another crucial factor to consider when choosing any kind of real estate. The price of the property will vary depending on many factors like location, demand, size, market status, and category. Hence it is important to analyze whether the price of a property is suitable for your budget and also whether or not the property is correctly valued. By doing this, you will ensure that you will get the best possible deal that is also under your budget.

3. Size

Dubai real estate is vast, and you will get all kinds and sizes of commercial buildings for sale in Dubai. But if you’re not clear about what size of property you need, you might end up paying for a larger space that you will barely use. The problem with this is that the larger the property, the higher its price will be. Therefore, it is essential to decide beforehand what size of property you need and for what purpose it is. 

4. Age of the property

It is imperative for you to consider the age of the property as an important factor when looking for buildings for rent in Dubai. Newer properties will be more energy efficient, easy to maintain, and hence a little more on the expensive side. On the contrary, older properties will have their own charm and affordability yet will be difficult to maintain. Therefore, you need to think of all these things when choosing the right property for your needs.

5. Amenities

When choosing buildings for sale in Dubai, amenities are an essential consideration. From on-site parking and security to proximity to public transportation and restaurants, amenities can significantly affect how comfortable and convenient your employees or customers find your business location. Also, think about what else your employees or customers might need or want in order to be productive or comfortable.

6. Availability

Finally, when choosing a real estate property, you should not forget to inquire about the availability of the ones that you shortlisted. If it is vacant, there are no issues. But, if the property is about to be vacated, you would want to have all the information about when the lease period is supposed to end. In the case of unavailability, you will have to look for alternatives.  


Finding the best commercial buildings for sale in Dubai takes extensive research and consideration of a combination of criteria. Location, price, size, age of the property, amenities, and availability are all significant considerations to evaluate when selecting a commercial real estate property. By analyzing each issue carefully, you can make the most appropriate choice when buying a commercial building in Dubai.