Custom truck wheels can really enhance the way your pickup or a heavier vehicle looks. It has been a favorite pastime over the last few years to use such aftermarket rims and going for the bigger and the better (or the badder, depending on your outlook) is still in vogue.

There are just two problems: custom truck wheels are insanely expensive. Two, they are not very easy to choose either!

Of course, you can avail yourself of wheel financing options from your nearest retailer for the first issue. But how about selecting the best models? 

What aspects should you keep in mind when selecting a set of wheels for your truck?

Here are some ideas.

How to choose aftermarket truck wheels!

While several aspects remain similar to picking aftermarket and custom-made rims for passenger cars, a few differ. 

You need to consider the following options.

  1. Your budget: Let’s be honest here. Custom truck wheels are very expensive options, one of several reasons why people do not prefer them, but we digress. This is where you have to start off: by carefully analyzing how much money you can spare on a set of quality aftermarket wheels. 

Let’s also not forget that you will be considering only established brands like Strada Wheels or Fuel Wheels.  If you are planning to tread the unbranded road, please do not. Unbranded rims are not just untested for any terrain- they can be downright dangerous to use.

And you cannot afford to sacrifice personal safety to save some money, can you? 

Use the budget considerations to limit your options; this is rather akin to a test of elimination. If your targeted set of branded wheels are within your budget considerations, everything is rosy. 

But if you are falling short by a small margin, you can always consider wheel financing options. Ask your retailer about what sort of plans they offer to this end.

  1. The size: The second option you need to consider is the size of the wheels you’ll purchase. If you are into customizing and are not afraid to push the envelope, you are more than likely to go for giant 20-inch wheels. That’s where the fun and games really start as far as custom truck wheels are concerned!

You will find plenty of options to choose from- including Strada Wheels. However, how about you decide to really go the whole hog this time and go for even bigger wheels? You have options starting at 22-inches; the maximum recommended ones are the 24-inch models although there are bigger models also available.

Do note that you will require tires to suit as well! Never forget that part. Else, you will have a very frustrating time indeed. 

Most famous tire manufacturers have dedicated ranges of tubes meant for use on 20-inch wheels. Perhaps you can give them a look.

  1. Consider lifts: Do you intend to add lifts to your vehicle besides the custom truck wheels? Then you will have to spend a bit more money since the entire process of installing lifts is a highly labor-intensive one and every penny is worth it.

What’s more, the wheels you are planning to purchase will have to look like the lifts that are being installed. Else, the latter will look like fish out of water!

While the bigger brands like Fuel, American Racing, and Strada Wheels have color-matched custom wheels available, not all brands do. You need to think about that part as well before you begin planning to install lifts.

Seek opinion and advice from specialists and tire and wheel professionals about the types of lifts you are planning to get and what type of wheels will look the best with them. During such interactions, you are often left with an inspiration that you cannot shake off later. It is the expertise that these individuals bring to the table that makes all the difference, especially when you are on the hunt for custom truck wheels.

  1. Brands matter: They matter more than you realize. Why do you think people go for branded wheels when they have a plethora of unbranded options laying around to select from? It is because branded wheels will provide you with the type of performance you are expecting!

Branded wheels are usually forged or cast from the highest grades of aluminum available. This is usually the T6-6061 grade which is also used in the manufacture of passenger car tires. They can traverse any terrain and can help you take your truck off-road too, but you will have to choose your off-road custom truck wheels very carefully. 

Remember that branded custom-made wheels are much more expensive than the models you see on the shelves of major retail chains. That is because custom-made wheels are one-off sets meant exclusively for your vehicle’s requirements in mind.

If you are in any doubt, please consult your local retailer where you think you will receive high-quality advice.


There is also the tricky issue of the terrain you will be driving upon. You will have to modify your purchase based on this consideration besides a few others.

Happy driving!