With inflation growing at a rapid rate and the economy still in turmoil, many of us are finding ourselves re-evaluating our career prospects. And while this has certainly made it a nerve-wracking time to be mulling a career change, the current economic landscape has made it so that certain job markets are booming at incredible rates.

This has led to massive increases in wages in these areas, while they have remained more stagnant in others. Because of the high rate of inflation, it may therefore be the case that you need to change occupations to gain a reasonable increase in wages. Here are 3 careers worth considering today.


While trucking may seem like an unexpected addition to this list, the logistics industry has experienced an unprecedented boom over the last several years, as demand has increased for the delivery of goods, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of the e-commerce industry. The sudden spike in necessary drivers has therefore necessitated wages to skyrocket in the industry over the last year. Some companies are even offering sizeable signing bonuses to entice drivers. And while there are certainly several well-known drawbacks to the occupation, the maturation of technology in the industry is rapidly increasing the comfort and well-being of the job. However, those considering the job should be aware that a specialized license is required to apply to become a truck driver.

Data Science

More and more companies are relying on large swathes of data for their operations. As a result, those capable of managing massive databases are now in high demand. Moreover, the compilation, extraction, and analysis of data have become invaluable tools for businesses looking to boost sales and improve their efficiency. This need has only increased with the boom in artificial intelligence over the past decade.

As a result, the field of data science is projected to see a staggering 30% rise in available jobs by 2030. While significant expertise is required to perform this job, many training opportunities are available due to the high need for data scientists. Consequently, it is realistic to become qualified in less than a year.


The value of data to modern businesses has not only led to huge job booms in the data science industry, but also in other areas of technology. In particular, cybersecurity specialists are now more important than ever to protect personal data and company systems, both for legal and competitive reasons. The increased sophistication of hackers and other digital threats has meant that companies must invest significant amounts into their own cybersecurity to keep their defences up to date.

Because of the technical expertise required and the current lack of suitable candidates available in the market, cybersecurity salaries for experienced practitioners can exceed six figures. The high demand for software-related jobs has also meant that, like for data science, reputable qualifications are available that do not require the completion of a bachelor’s degree. In addition, such an occupation can have several transferrable skills for other IT jobs, such as software development and ethical hacking.