Today’s blog post will focus on Lookbu, an ecommerce site that deals in toys for kids. The brand was created in the United States. Today, it is widely known all over the world. A lot of people search the internet looking for attractive toys for their kids. During our R&D, some questions were raised about this website.

See more about Lookbu

The website “About Us” is an ecommerce site that sells children’s toys. There are many toys for sale on the site including mini traffic signals, street traffic lights and school buses. They also have low prices. It also offers worldwide delivery.

There are only 04 products available on the portal. Also, no well-defined product descriptions are posted under any uploaded item. In the same way, the site’s interface is poor designed and fails to provide all the details.

Many customers have been asking Is Lookbu Legit fraud? Let’s explore more to learn the real intent of this website.

What’s the best part about this website?

  • Website URL-
  • Products – Children’s toys
  • Company address – 161 Pine Lake Dr. Coventry CT 0 (06238) United States
  • Material transport fee – Free shipping option
  • Call us at +1 (518) 481-0541 for assistance
  • Shipping period-5-8 shipping days
  • No time limit for the refund policy
  • Social media connections-No social media link is available
  • Exchange and return of products within 30 business days
  • Newsletter- Not Specific
  • Domain name launch date – Not available
  • Email address:

To confirm the site’s intended purpose, please refer to the Lookbu. We have provided all details clearly in the next section. Please continue reading.

Shop at the Lookbu store

  • The website offers an accessible delivery option for all customers.
  • The contact information page contains the complete company details such as address, telephone number, email address and contact number.
  • The return and exchange service is available for 30 business days.

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Lookbu’s store?

  • The user interface on the site is untrustworthy.
  • Information regarding reviews and customer ratings is not available.
  • Social media is not available on this site.

Is Lookbu Legit?

Recent studies show that this online portal is not well-known in the online community. This is in addition to the many red flags the site has received, which makes it somewhat suspicious. For this reason, we recommend interested shoppers do extensive research about the site and the truth.

Shoppers must verify these legitimacy checkpoints in order to determine the site’s validity.

  • Domain name creation year – The site does not show the domain name certification anniversary.
  • Shopper’s comments: No Lookbu Reviews of shoppers are published on any portals or other external links.
  • Social media link – The website is not actively active on social media.
  • Domain expiration day- The domain termination time is also unknown.
  • Validity of address: The above company address is derivative as many online sites share exact location information and the area pin code.
  • Impersonated content- This is low-quality content that has been published, since it does not include the relevant information.
  • Trust score – The website’s score on trust is only 2%.
  • Trust rank- The site has been given a trust rank (0.6%).

Lookbu Reviews

After hours of research, analysis, and study, it was discovered that customer reviews are not available on all the popular social media platforms. It is advised that shoppers wait for real information to arrive before making any decisions, as this online site appears to be new.


After checking the sources, we determined that this offering website for kids’ toys was not trustworthy. Shoppers are encouraged to thoroughly research any product before they add it to their cart. In these Lookbu Reviews , we provide information about the website as well as its true intentions to help the shoppers.