Can you believe that the world’s first selfie was taken all the way back in 1839?

While taking a self-portrait in the 1800s was quite the process, improvements in camera technology have made it easy to snap a photo of yourself. Even though anyone can take a selfie now, not many people are happy with the results.

Would you like to know how to take a good photo of yourself so you can boost your confidence? Read on so you can gather our top seven tips on how to take better selfies.

1. Experiment With Angles

The key to taking better selfies is to play around with your angles. We all have different sides of ourselves that we think are most flattering, so you should capture that in your photos.

2. Try to Find the Best Light

The best way to take a photo of yourself is when you’re bathing in natural light so you can achieve the ultimate glow. While the lighting can take your pictures to the next level, be careful about overexposure and shadows.

3. Practice Your Smile

One of the hardest parts of taking nice photos of yourself is getting your face to look natural and relaxed. Holding a camera up to pose can feel awkward, so spend some time breathing and working on your smile. You can think of some funny memories to make yourself laugh.

4. Be Mindful of Your Body

A common mistake that people make when they take selfies is paying too much attention to their faces. While your face is the star of the show, your body language also matters. Lots of people enjoy posing with their hands or even props so that they can look more natural.

5. Know Your Camera’s Settings

Putting your smartphone in portrait mode is a simple way to elevate your selfies. You should also use the timer so that you can get more creative with your poses. The better you understand your camera, the better your photos will turn out.

6. Get Inspired by Celebs

If you want to know how to take a better selfie, sometimes it’s helpful to take a look at your favorite celebrities’ Instagram accounts so you can get inspired. Try to analyze why each selfie looks good so you can incorporate those elements into your own photos.

7. Don’t Forget About Editing

Editing can help you put those final touches on your selfies to create a masterpiece, as long as you don’t overdo it. For example, using a background eraser will allow you to remove any distractions or flaws so that the focus is on you. The goal is to enhance rather than turn yourself into a new person.

Now You Know How to Take Better Selfies

Figuring out how to take better selfies may seem impossible, but these tips will make a huge difference. After reading this guide on how to take better selfies, you can become a pro in no time.

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