Whether it is to secure your home or protect your privacy, door locks are essential. Find the right lock every time with the following information given by Locksmith Little Rock Arkansas.

Types of door locks

Various types of door locks are offered for different levels of security and it is sometimes easy to get confused. Here are the 7 most common types of locks and the situations where they are most effective or best suited.

  1. Spring Bolt: The most common lock for front doors. As the name suggests, it uses a spring to hold the lock in place. The lock opens by pressing directly on the bolt.
  2. Deadbolt: More secure than a spring lock, the deadbolt lock works by turning the lock cylinder with a key. Some residences are equipped with a spring lock and a deadbolt for added security.
  3. Coded keypad: An electronic lock with a programmable keypad is practical for large families or for people who forget their keys. Choose a model with a numeric keypad, preferably capable of entering a very long access code for more security. Only give this code to a limited number of people.
  4. Keyless Locks: With modern technology, many locks use fingerprints, remote controllers, and even smartphones to provide access. Security is optimal when few people have access to these electronic locks.
  5. Push-button lock: You will find mechanical and digital versions on the market. They unlock with a numeric code and normally come with a spare key.
  6. Privacy Door Knob: This lock locks from inside a room like a bathroom or a bedroom by pushing a push button or push-in-and-turn knob. So when a child locks himself in a room, you can unlock the door from the outside by inserting a pin through the hole.
  7. Pocket Door Lock: Designed specifically for pocket doors, this lock uses a latch or deadbolt to keep the door closed and locked.

Factors to Consider When Buying

  • The majority of door locks are made of metal with a shiny or satin finish.
  • They come in elaborate or simple styles depending on the decor of your home.
  • Opt for a brass lock if you want a classic style or a stainless steel or chrome lock for a sophisticated contemporary look.
  • Choose a lock set that provides the maximum security for your home’s front and back doors.
  • The door must be strong enough to resist break-in attempts. Note that a steel door is safer than a wooden door.
  • The lock should be fixed with long and sturdy screws in the doors and reinforced door frames.

No matter what level of security you want for your home locks, there are hundreds of options available to you. You will be able to find a set of locks and accessories with Locksmith North Little Rock Arkansas that harmonizes with your exterior and interior decor.