In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city that competes with the high standards and elite lifestyles of European cities. Dubai is the destination of many luxurious homes that are the epitome of innovation, unique architectural designs, and state-of-the-art facilities. These expensive homes offer an exceptional experience of living. Various categories of residential properties including apartments, villas, penthouses, and townhouses are enlisted as posh homes in Dubai. 

If you want to know some of the most expensive and luxurious homes in Dubai and are interested in their details then visit ERE homes real estate. Today we will explore the 5 most impressive and posh properties in Dubai where you can live like a royal. 

5 Ultra-Luxurious Homes In Dubai 

One & Only Triplex Penthouse 

The one and only triplex penthouse in Za’abeel is one of the most expensive and ultra-luxurious homes in Dubai where the residents can enjoy a royal lifestyle with state-of-the-art amenities and stunning views of the city. This super penthouse features six bedrooms. In this stunning property, the residents can relax on the rooftop terrace with a swimming pool. Formal and informal living areas, an alfresco lounge, a dining area, a cinema room, and a furnished kitchen to enjoy your delicious meal are included in this stunning property. 

The most amazing thing and a major attraction for the residents in this spacious and posh home is the mesmerizing view of the city. You can witness the fantastic view of Dubai’s skyline from the windows of your rooms.

The Sky Mansion Penthouse In Business Bay

Another stunning penthouse with a 44,214 sq ft build-up area in Bugatti Residences is an attraction for potential buyers, not only in Dubai but in the world. There are many reasons to make it one of the most impressive, unique, and expensive homes in the world. The most unique feature, this sky mansion penthouse has is car parking at the top of the building. The residents can park their cars in the rooftop parking area. The astonishing penthouse in Business Bay was developed by Binghatti developers. 

The most luxurious epoxy flooring in the entire penthouse gives a high-end look. The penthouse features 4 master bedrooms with 4 large bathrooms. The bedrooms have large windows with special motorized curtains. The indoor and rooftop swimming pool is also an impressive feature to consider.  Laminate flooring around the pool gives a safe and luxurious look. From the giant living area of the penthouse, the residents have mesmerizing views of Dubai’s skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, and many others. The sleek design of the house makes it more elegant. 

Luxurious Villa In Palm Jumeirah 

The most functional and luxurious property to invest in or to live in is the luxury ascended villa in Palm Jumeirah. The residents can experience the royal lifestyle in this spacious villa. The total area of the villa is 52,749 sq ft. and the asking price of the house is AED 360M. It has 6 large bedrooms and 8 giant bathrooms. The big glass windows in the living area of the villa give a royal look and by sitting in this area, the people can enjoy the view of outdoor space. 

Ceiling-to-floor windows are covered with sleek curtains and can be operated by using a remote. Grand entrance, furnished kitchen, parking area, and separate space for private pool and jacuzzi are there to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. This villa must have sophisticated interiors designed by special companies and the exterior of the villa with natural trees adds beauty to the amazing look of the luxurious villa. 

Villa In Palm Jumeirah By Ellington 

We have enlisted another amazing posh home to experience the ultra-luxurious lifestyle in Dubai. This giant villa has everything expected to be there in the most luxurious homes in Dubai. The total area covered by this giant villa is 33,044 sq ft and the actual living space is 21,934 sq ft. 

This is one of the most expensive villas in Dubai and has a prime location in Palm Jumeirah. The developer behind this masterpiece is Ellington. The sophisticated, sleek, and elegant design of the villa reveals the expertise of the developer. There are seven bedrooms in the villa with wooden flooring and wooden cabinetry work in the dressing area enhancing the room’s elegant look. 

A private gym in the villa equipped with modern types of equipment and rubber flooring, a swimming pool with blue lights and SPC flooring, and a large cinema and special theater space covered with ceiling-to-height velvet curtains are the factors that make it the most expensive villa and that’s why we enlisted it in the posh homes in Dubai where you can experience the royal lifestyle. 

Greek Style Mansion With Atlantis Views

Just like other expensive and luxurious homes in Dubai, this villa also comes in the same category where the residents can experience an extraordinary lifestyle with state-of-the-art amenities and high standards of living within the home. The villa is also located in the posh area of Dubai – Palm Jumeirah: a palm-shaped development that is also considered the 8th wonder on the earth. 

The most unique and attractive feature of this villa is its customized interior design, the interior of the villa resembles with custom Greek style design. The golden and white color scheme on the walls, floor, and ceiling gives a royal, elegant look to the villa. 

The total area of the villa is 18000 sq ft and the price is AED 150M. This villa has 7 spacious bedrooms with large windows and one thing that sets it apart from other luxurious homes is a swimming pool, there is an outdoor swimming pool for aesthetic purposes, and at the top of the roof, there is a way to enter the pool.