You may perhaps be interested to buy Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery and want to know more about it. Most golf cart 6 seater use lithium-ion batteries, and with some research, you are sure to be enlightened and understand how to go ahead with your purchase.

Unit worth

When compared to lead-acid batteries, the units offered by the leading Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer is said to offer the very best performance. However, it is likely to be a bit more expensive when compared with traditional batteries. But still it is worth the purchase as it is highly efficient and offers amazing solutions. The units offered by the well-known UNO Golf Cart Battery can be relied upon 5 times much longer when compared to other conventional batteries.

Its lifespan

The units offered by the well-known Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Factory can be relied upon 5 times much longer when compared to other conventional batteries.

When using lead-acid pack in the golf car, for example, such units can offer performance for just about 5 years. But, lithium-ion units can stay good for over 10 years, thereby saving precious money.

Cost involved

Normal voltage consumed by a single Custom LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack is about 3.2V. Hence, 8 cells are to be connected in a series to create 24V pack.

By connecting more cells within the series, it is possible to double the voltage. This way, it is possible to derive the maximum from the units although you are to pay more for it.


In case you desire to avoid overcharging these units, then avoid charging the unit for over 12 hours. Also stop using if your vehicle is slow on charge. Draining the charge fully is not a good idea.

Charging the battery post after each use is recommended for enhanced efficiency and performance. Get more important information on the dos and don’ts at

Not charging LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack

It is something to take into consideration. In case the battery is not used for some time, they are likely to go bad. You can find fresh units with factory setting to come with 30% to 40% charge.

Power supply

Custom EV battery pack is known to use all charge present in the battery all time. As voltage drops, the battery still functions efficiently and offers the device with the desired power supply. But conventional lead-acid units tend to lose power on using the cart continuously.


Lead-acid battery when used in the golf cart might cause trouble when driving. It should be regularly topped up with distilled water. The plates in the battery are to be kept under sulphuric electrolyte. In case the battery runs dry, then it will cause smoke, thereby leading to harmful explosion.

Again, if there is low water level, then the battery plates are likely to dry out soon, thereby faking off. The unit cannot be recharged in such situations, thus requiring replacements. OEM 18650 lithium ion LifePo4 batteries are completely safe and no such issues are noticed in it.

Keeping plugged the unit

During winter, keeping ODM 18650 lithium ion LifePo4 batteries fully charged will not cause failure or freezing of electrolytes.

Therefore, following the above tips will allow you to derive the optimum benefits from using these units.