One of the latest advanced technologies used in the real estate industry is virtual reality tours. Virtual tours for real estate became incredibly popular during the global pandemic. However, even after it ends, the popularity of the technology will not decrease, because it brings benefits to both realtors and clients who want to buy real estate. 

If you, as a realtor, do not provide clients with such innovations as virtual tours real estate, and virtual apartment staging on your official website, then you simply lose clients. 

Here are the latest real estate market statistics: 

  • About 45% of all buyers start their home search online before contacting a realtor; 
  • On average, buyers spend about 2 months looking for a property; 
  • Only 10% of real estate companies do not have websites; 
  • 40% of Generation Y are looking for information online. 
  • About 50% of realtors say that not using technology is becoming a problem for them. 

Based on this, the presence of virtual tours on the website of realtors or real estate companies is a necessity. First, it helps to gain a competitive advantage. Secondly, it helps buyers find properties faster and in a way that suits them. 

To offer buyers an unparalleled level of service, as well as compete with other real estate professionals, you need to use virtual staging near me

Listing 3D 

A startup called Listing3D uses virtual reality to advance the real estate sector. It helps realtors and real estate companies alike to provide clients with a unique experience of browsing the right properties to buy. 

How Listing 3D helps its customers 

Now, if you do not have an official website, then the flow of customers is significantly reduced. However, running a real estate website is not an easy job. If on your site you show buyers options for apartments and houses to buy, then you spend a lot of time presenting the information beautifully. 

You need high-quality photos of each property. In addition, buyers appreciate it when they can see photos not only of the apartment or house itself but also of the area in which the property is located. 

Moreover, you need to write an appealing description of each property. You need to describe all the important features of each apartment or house. It takes time. 

However, if you take the opportunity to create virtual real estate staging near me, then the amount of work for you is significantly reduced. All the information that clients would like to know, they can get by going on a virtual tour of the selected property. 

This feature will greatly facilitate your work since you will show live houses only to those buyers who are ready to buy a home. You just have to invite 3D photographers to film and perform 3D rendering services, and in a couple of days, you will see the result. 

How Listing 3D can help clients buy a home 

Buyers either independently search for housing online or turn to professionals for help. Initially, each realtor must identify all the needs of the client to narrow down the range of possible options for display. 

After that, realtors set up personal meetings to arrange a showing of all housing options suitable for the client’s requirements. This process takes quite a long time until clients decide which property is ideal for them. 

Thanks to virtual tours, buyers make their work easier. They don’t have to travel to different areas and look at the available options. All they have to do is click on a button on the website and go on a digital tour where they can explore the inside and out of the apartment. After that, if any questions remain, they can discuss them with the agent. 


Today, in the era of technology, one cannot refuse what it has to offer. 3D virtualization technology is an advantage in real estate. It facilitates the work of both realtors and clients who, in recent years, prefer to search for property on the Internet.