If you are wondering why can’t you enjoy offline card games online? Well, you can! In recent times, the gaming industry has developed new and innovative apps where players can enjoy a lot of card games just like offline ones. These games are based on the offline version of the game so that you can have a feeling that you are playing it offline only. One of the famous apps which you can consider for playing card games is royally rummy. Not only royally rummy but there are so many apps available which we are going to discuss in this article.  

GetMega is also one such app for playing classic card games like Rummy and Poker. 

Top 10 platforms to play card games

Here is a list of the top 10 platforms where you can play card games! 


GetMega is one of the safest and most popular apps for playing card games like Rummy and Poker. The game offers a lot of interesting features such as live matchmaking where you can get a chance to play against real players instead of bots. This feature will surely lift your skills. You can also invite your friends to play VIP  tables with them. If you think you have skills in these games you will get a chance to redeem cash prizes. You can also withdraw your cash prize from the GetMega app directly to your bank account. It is one of the safest apps to transfer money because it has completed all the legal formalities and even has government certification which provides security to the players. You can also refer to the app for your friends and play the game on your smartphone. 

Royally rummy 

Royally Rummy is an online gaming app where you can enjoy a variety of card games and other games as well. The app is famous because of its features like 

  • It is a very easy-to-use app and the functions of the app are easily understandable. New players can also find it easy to learn. The process of shuffling and dealing is also easy on the royally rummy app. 
  • You can earn a lot of rewards and bonuses on the app by playing different games and referring the app to your friends. 
  • You can go for matchmaking at any time. 

Install the app on your smartphone and start playing on it. 


You must have heard of this game your whole life. Solitaire is a simple card game where you arrange the cards from ace to king. You can select the difficulty level according to your preference. You can participate in daily challenges and level up so that you can receive rewards. 


Living in the 21st century you must have heard of this popular card game. It is not like other card games where you will see suits. UNO is a bit different and it is available on the play store and app store. You can enjoy various tournaments and events organized by the app and earn rewards. 

Teen Patti club 

Teen Patti club is one the popular card game app to play poker. You can earn cash prizes by playing poker against real players. It is a very popular app in India.

Zynga poker- texas Holdem 

Zynga poker is an app where you can play a famous variant of poker that is Texas Holdem. You can buy chips that are used during the game with real money. You can play casual games as well as a shootout tournament against real players. 

Clash Royale 

Clash royale is a free game app where you can play card games as well as other games like tower defence and much more. You can enjoy war games while playing them with cards. Install this unique app on your smartphone and increase your game level. 

Rummy circle 

Rummy circle is a famous app where players can play rummy games with each other. You can cash prizes as well if you think you can show your skills in the game. The Rummy circle app is a popular and secure platform to play on. 

Call break 

Call break is an app where four players can play a card game with 52 cards (without any joker card). You must learn the rules of call break before you start playing on it. The game is most popular in countries like India and Nepal. 

Spades master 

Spades master is a high-graphic card game that offers high-technology 3D graphics. It offers a high-end gameplay experience along with online matchmaking and card shuffling. If you are one of those players who love to play games with high graphics then spades master is for you.

Now you own a list of the best and most unique platforms to play different types of card games on it. Do not forget to check out the GetMega app to experience the classic card games rummy and poker.