Wigs are a great way to cover baldness, but they can be challenging to choose. Many factors need to be considered before you buy one. Some of the most crucial considerations when purchasing a wig include the cut and style of your new hairpiece, colour, and warmth.

Here we have listed how to make sure you get what you want. So, keep scrolling to find the ideal way of buying the right wig.

What Style of Wig Should I Choose?

There are thousands of different styles of wholesale wigs human hair out there, and choosing the one that suits your facial features can get hard.

Firstly, consider the cut and style of your new hairpiece. If you’re going for short hair, try curly wigs or shoulder-length types with some edge like bangs (unless it won’t work for your face shape). For longer lengths, think about getting layers or choppy ends if possible since these look more natural than long locks all down the back.

4 Things To Look For When Buying Wigs

Just like selecting a diamond, choosing a wig requires time and attention to details. Let us walk you through a few of the things you need to look for when finding a wig.

1. Finding The Capsize

95% of the customers tend to be satisfied with their capsize, and it fits perfectly. But some of them can end up with the wrong ones. It is essential to find the wig’s right size by measuring the head’s circumference from the front hairline.

Some of the wigs are available with adjustable straps that give a comfortable experience for the customers. Therefore, make sure to note various sizes by brand and then buy in all the particular capsizes.

2. The Right Type Of Hair

When buying a perfect wig, you need to think about the hair type as well. Although you might have different notions about wholesale wigs human hair, or synthetic hair, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Human hair feels the most natural for some customers, while others prefer higher quality synthetic hair.

3. Colour

When it comes to the standard colour of the wigs, blonde is quite popular. Though it might not suit every skin tone, you can try something new. But it is better to stick with a colour you are familiar with or which suits you the most.

4. Choosing The Cap Feature

There are different types of cap constructions that you need to consider. Each has its advantages. 100% hand-tied design has natural movement, and it is the most comfortable cap. You can style it easily and comb it in any directions you want.

On the other hand, monofilament shows the illusion of natural hair growth and can be found on the crown. Other types also include lace front and basic cap.


At NewTimes Hair, you can find beautiful wigs where each customer can look fantastic. Overall, you can find most styles and colour choices that are in demand. Make sure to stay close to natural shade as much as possible before buying any wigs.