In the case of security of yourself and loved ones, it’s imperative to take the highest security measures. Absolutely. Do you trust hand-held security measures? Do you know the value of these technology-based measures can be?

Residents of the United Kingdomare going for electronic alarms, deeming it the most effective option. The authorities have passed a brand new law. It is mandatory to connect smoke alarms and heat systems in homes.

Linked Up Alarms is a site that provides exact information on electronic alarms. However, to learn more about it, read the website and discover the truth about the Linked Up Alarms Reviews .

Summary of is a website online that offers customers various electronic alarms and safety precautions. The site claims to have an extensive selection of linked alarms to purchase.

As a result of the law’s enactment in Scotland beginning in February 2022 there will be orders to maintain the link between smoke alarms as well as heat alarms.

So, ensuring your safety in this modern age that is full of tragedy should be the first thing you take into consideration.

Linked Up Alarms have outstanding services, including Alarms for heat, smoke CO alarms, remote controls and more. We have to determine the Is Are Linked Up Alarms legal to learn more.


  • Type of website:An online website offers wireless interconnecting security alarms .
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Contact number:4, Barrack Street, Hamilton; South Lanarkshire, ML3 0DG
  • Number to contact:01698 757 844
  • Cost of goods:The Pound Sterling
  • Payment options:Payment is safe, it is done via PayPal and Stripe .
  • Shipping policies: Use Parcelforce to deliver alarms.
  • Time to deliver:It is between 8 and 9 working days .
  • Return policy:Not mentioned on the website .
  • Social media hyperlinks:It is present on the social media website Facebook .

We must be aware about linked to Alarms Reviews. For more details, we’ll examine the positive and negative aspects of the site:

Positive Facts

  • The blacklist engine was unable to recognize the site.
  • The payment can be spread over a period of 3 months.
  • Items that claim to be genuine on the website.
  • Valid HTTPS connection was found.

Negative Facts

  • A new domain has been created.
  • Website popularity poorly ranked with there is no traffic from organic sources.
  • The score for the threat profile is 38 out of 100.
  • Medium-low rank, at 47.2.
  • Proximity of suspicious websites is 4/10.

According to the above information it may be difficult for consumers to trust the legitimacy of this site. We will discuss the authenticity of the website to prove its legitimacy.

Is Linked up Alarms Legit

Let us emphasize its legitimacy in the section below:

  • Age of the website:It has a medium-low trust rating on the market. (28 August 2021, Saturday)
  • The trust score for this site:42.7% trust score classified under algorithm for websites .
  • Rating on Alexa: This site is not ranked in Alexa .
  • The validity of the contact details: The contact address is clearly stated on the site It appears to be credible. .
  • The authenticity for the Email ID:Email ID is acknowledged on the site however, it appears to be unresponsive .
  • The reviews of the customers:The reviews claimed on the review page for the linked up alarms Reviews appear to be suspicious and flagged. .
  • Originality of content:The site has shown the products in a large number, and an 4.8 Google rating. The site appears to be a bit controversial. The site does not have an “About Us” section.
  • The identity of the Owner:The owner of the site is not explored .
  • Connectivity to social media:Socially connected over the Facebook platform .
  • Return and exchange policy The site does not specify exchange or return policies.
  • Policy on refunds:Refund policies are not anywhere on the website .

Let’s look at some reviews on this site.

Linked up Alarms Reviews

According to our research, the website has been criticized on social media for negative feedback. Users have resisted posting authentic reviews on other sites that are relevant to them.

Only the website has reviews. All reviews are deemed to be the top ones.

Final Views has problems with the content on its site. There are no products listed on the website, so customers can make orders.

The linked up Alarms Reviews are considered to be very convincing and appear real. We suggest staying clear of these websites.

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