No doubt that fashion keeps on changing from time to time but some styles withstand the test of time and continue to remain in people’s hearts season after season. One such timeless trend being loved by people of all ages is that of Linen fashion for young boys and girls

When choosing clothing for boys and girls, most parents want to opt for clothing that is not only soft but durable also. Luckily, linen fabric is not only soft and durable but also versatile to be worn in different seasons. 

The variety of clothing options available in linen fabric tends to confuse the parents and they are unable to decide which one to choose for their kids. If you are also wondering the same, then Chi linen has got you covered. 

Let’s unfold some linen dresses and fashion for both boys and girls in this post below and make things easy for you. 

Linen Fashion Trends For Boys and Girls with Chi linen 

Gone are the days when parents used to dress their kids in simple clothes with comfort being their top most priority. These days, parents also keep in mind the fashion trends going on in the market before choosing the clothes for their kids. 

Consequently, here are some popular linen fashion trends for boys and girls to choose from. 

Styles and Cuts in Kid’s Linen Clothing 

Ruffle Jumpsuit 

Artboard 4.jpg

One of the latest styles and cuts hovering in the market in girls linen dresses are the ruffle linen jumpsuits. As the name indicates, ruffle jumpsuits have ruffle-like sleeves. There is also a zipper at the back of the jumpsuit and an elastic waistband to fasten the waist. 

A ruffle jumpsuit can be the perfect choice whether you are dressing your little one for any special occasion or simply looking for a fun outfit for everyday wear. 

One shoulder top co-ords 

Artboard 5.jpg

The next best linen outfits for girls out there are one-shoulder top co-ords. This crop top is a must-have as it is perfect to be worn on different occasions. The crop top features knot detail around the waist and is coordinated with a wide-leg pleated trouser. 

If you are looking to give your kid a chic and coordinated look, then getting a one-shoulder top co-ord is a must. Shop this now by visiting our website.

2-layer play skirt and crop top set 

Artboard 6.jpg

A 2 layer play skirt and crop top set is also a great addition to your kid’s wardrobe collection. The crop top has an elastic band at the waist and bottom of the sleeves to give the top a puffy look. Along with this crop top, there are also 2 layered play skirts with an elastic waist to give a nice fit. 

The best part about the 2 layer play skirt and crop top set is that this can be worn on nearly every occasion. 

Shoulder button shirt and 2 button shorts set 

Artboard 7.jpg

Another linen fashion to take note of is the shoulder button linen shirts and 2-button linen shorts set. The set includes a round-neck shirt with a shoulder button opening and a pocket. The patch pocket and bottom strap on the shirt are of different colors to add a touch of color to the shirt. 

Along with this shirt, there are also shorts with a fully elasticated waist and 2 pockets. This shirt and shorts set is super comfortable and can be worn on playdates. 

Pleated shirt and trouser co-ord set 

Artboard 10.jpg

You also cannot miss out on the pleated linen shirts and trouser co-ord set. Our classic collar shirt comes with horizontal pleats on both front panels. There are also pleated trousers along with this shirt. The trouser has 2 cross pockets and 1 back pocket. 

This pleated shirt and trouser co-ord set comes for kids aged 2 years to 12 years. You can also have the set in colors of your choice. 

Trendsetting colors and patterns 

Puff sleeve crop top 

Artboard 8.jpg

The puffed pattern on the puff sleeve crop top adds a touch of femininity. This crop top not only fits great but is also trendy. You can pair this top with a pleated skirt or with any trousers of your choice. 

Front bow tie top 

Artboard 11.jpg

The next pattern hovering in trend these days is none other than the front bow tie top. It is a sleeveless top that can be tied above the bust in the form of a tie. The pleats formed below the bow make the top super comfortable and breathable for your girl. 

You can pair this top with trousers from our collection. Browse our collection of trousers by visiting our website now. 

Braided top and harem pants set 

Artboard 9.jpg

A braided top and harem pants set is also one of the best linen outfits for girls. As the name indicates, the top has a braided strap pattern and a front slit to give the top a decent look. It is accompanied by harem pants which are super comfortable and breathable. Your kids can wear this braided top and harem pants set for almost every occasion. 

Wrapping Up

It would not be wrong to say that linen fashion is a timeless classic that not only suits both boys and girls but also provides them comfort and style. Visit our website now and shop for your amazing kids.