Eric Stonestreet is Lindsay Schweitzer’s friend. They started dating in 2017. Eric and Lindsay have been friends for a while. Lindsay met Eric during the Big Slick charity event in Kansas City, United States. People noticed her because she was Eric Stonestreet’s girlfriend. Recently, both of them have become engaged. Many people are skeptical about Lindsay Schweitzer age after hearing the news.

Who is Lindsay Schweitzer?

Lindsay was a nurse prior to meeting Eric. In the early stages of her career, she worked as a paediatrician. Lindsay did a lot for the poor. Eric attended the Ellen Show because the host remembered Lindsay from her time as a nurse. Lindsay, the Ellen host, said that Lindsay is a caring nurse who can take good care of Eric as Eric has an unidentified medical condition. Eric responded positively, saying “I’m like an enormous baby.” Lindsay is always there to calm me down. I am a high-strung person. The couple formed a strong bond, despite Lindsay Schweitzer’s age. They also have a huge following in Canada.

What’s the Charity Works for Lindsay Schweitzer?

Lindsay is not only a nurse but she is also kind-hearted and does a lot to help people. Eric and she became friends after they met. Eric announced via Twitter that he had donated 200,000 meals for Harvesters in 2020, March 19, 2019. Harvesters is a Kansas and Missouri-based organization that provides food to the hungry. This organization provides food and household supplies to over 760 non profit institutions, including food pantries and community kitchens.

What is Lindsay Schweitzer Age?

Eric Schweitzer, Modern Family’s funnyman, finally got engaged to Lindsay Schweitzer. They have been together for a long time. People have been asking about Lindsay’s ages since the moment they were engaged. Lindsay is not yet known her age. According to the most recent photos trending on social networks, it seems that Lindsay might be in her thirties. Eric is now 49. Fans were shocked to learn of the engagement and sent lots love and support to the cute couple.

What is Public Reaction

It is so wonderful to see them together. Eric and Lindsay first met in 2016. Lindsay Schweitzer Age is being discussed, but everyone is content with their relationship. Eric and Lindsay are almost dating for five years now and they are finally becoming a couple. The couple enjoys a huge fan following in all 50 countries.

Final Verdict:

Both Eric and Lindsay share a beautiful love story. Recently, their engagement picture went viral on social media. It is the reason for the huge popularity of the couple. Some are still talking about Lindsay Schweitzer Age.  We wish they both a long and happy marriage.

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