Did you hear about Lindell Tv .com? You must have since this website was in the news for the past few months, and people are going mad over the promises made by its owner.

The United States-born Mike Lindell is seeking everyone’s attention and promising to deliver out the 2020 US Presidential Elections’ truth. Being a supporter of both Trump and CEO of My Pillow, he uses his abilities to the utmost and collaborates with different people for exactly the same function. And astonishingly, his brand new video involves support from an internationally recognized physicist.

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Who’s Mike Lindell?

Mike or Michael James He isn’t only an American businessman but also a conspiracy theorist.

My Pillow is a personal pillow-manufacturing company based by Mike at 2009. He gave his three bars and mortgaged his home to help the development of the provider. Mike hand-sewed many cushions himself earlier times and required help in the family to handle sales and distribution.

Mike Lindell recently became a Trump supporter and alleged the Dominion Voting Systems for falsely conducting elections. He explained that he would do his whole best to result in the fact, and he’s working hard for the same.

What’s Lindell Tv .com? Where he regularly uploads videos for your’2020 Voting Frauds’.

He has set up videos like”Absolute Proof: The Trailer,” “Unmasked: Has the Truth About 2020 Election Been Uncovered”, and also the current one is-“Scientific Proof.”

From the’Scientific Proof’ video, he collaborates with Dr. Douglas Frank, a globally known physicist, who demonstrates that the 2020 United States election was the largest cyber-crime in world history. It’s an hour-long video where Dr. Frank claims that the overall votes throw actually comprise 32% of voters who didn’t throw any ballots, but surprisingly, their ballots were recorded.

Other important news:

· Apart from Lindell Tv .com, Mike is soon set to launch frankspeech.com.

· Dominion Voting Systems have sued Mike for making false claims .

Folks Reviews:

Many people are calling Lindell because Trump’s last supporter, placing Some effort into rescuing him. Dominion Voting Systems also have stated that Lindell is doing this to benefit Trump’s supporters’ attention and increase My Pillow’s earnings. He has been in the information for asserting that the 2020 election was a fraud. He is working Lindell Tv. Com, where he arranges videos devoted to the same topic.

His recent movie involves scientifically proven truth that the Election was a big cyber-crime.

Now you know what the whole situation Is about, would you support Mike in his accusations? Is he right in his proven facts? Scroll down under.