This news is related to a huge scandal in the US mobile industry known as the Lin Miao scam. After getting acquainted with the details of the scams, you will be surprised to see the negative influence of the human brain. The fraud was so massive that the Court issued the following penalties for those who were involved in the fraud:

1-CHRISTOPHER GOFF was sentenced to 30 months in prison for involvement in a multi-million dollar consumer fraud.

2- In addition to 30 months’ imprisonment, Goff was sentenced to two years of supervised release.

3- Was forced to forfeit approximately $ 3,552,780.

What was Lin Miao’s scam?

When answering the question above, please note that Lin Miao’s scam addressed one of the major themes of the mobile industry, i.e.

Unwanted text messages were delivered to consumers in this category. Consumers did not search for these messages, but consumers paid for the same unwanted or unconsciously. Ling Miao was a co-conspirator and operator of Tatto. GOFF has worked as auto-subscribers to content providers and promoted others to become auto-subscribers for the same.

Lin Miao, CEO of Tatto, needed more income; this need led to a fraud in 2010. To increase profits, Lin Miao promoted premium text messaging services.

How did Lin Miao Scam get shape?

Scam Lin Miao shaped the group of developers and coordinator Goff. The main role of the developer was to create a program through which Tatto could sell its premium messaging services for a modest sum to millions of customers without their authorization.

In July 2011, Miao used GOFF support to collect millions of phone numbers from Mobile Messenger’s databases in return for payment. Despite realizing that Miao’s main intention is to sell text messages without customer consent, GOFF agreed to help Miao and provided millions of numbers from mid-2011 to mid-2012.

By sending stolen phone numbers to Miao, GOFF may have disguised its involvement with the program by using email addresses other than its email address.

Details of GOFF and conspirators:

Lin Miao Scam also revealed details of other participants. The Federal Trade Commission filed complaints against them in December 2013.

Miao and other conspirators could raise over $ 50 million from clients. As part of the commission, GOFF received $ 350,000 from Miao. In order to obtain the commission, GOFF formed a bogus company and named it Five-Tool Services. On behalf of this company, he sent false invoices to Miao for services that Miao had never provided.

To date, six more have pleaded guilty to participating in the fraud.


The Lin Miao Scam was a unique scandal that stole money from millions of the population. However, the US courts should be commended for their thorough investigation of the crime. The IRS-CI and the FBI are commendable for such investigative work. If you are also a victim of such an offense, the court has opened the door to recover your money.


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