Have you heard of Canada’s youngest internet network boasting about its wealth and winning the money it received? Do you want to know what tragedies she has faced and why she has silently left the internet? This rich kid from somewhere in the United States was shot and killed after allegations about his family and other Collab celebrities were soon exposed.

Check out this news and read the details on why she was isolated and whether Lil Tay is dead or alive.

Who is Lil Tay?

Claire Eileen Qi Hope, known online as Lil Tay, was a 9-year-old Asian Canadian rapper, YouTuber, and Internet personality. The Harvard dropout claimed to have started vlogging and gained fame with the general public with over 2.5 million followers. In one of her films, she stated that her family was from Atlanta, Georgia. Her residence is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, United States.

Read on if you’re curious it’s Lil Tay Dead or Alive. Please find out the truth about her silent return journey from fans.

False accusations

Born on July 29, 2009, Tay was getting on his family’s nerves and her father, “Hope”, exposed rumors of sexual harassment on the internet.

After 2018, it was reported that her brother, Jason Tian, ​​wrote about her father’s fake romances, terrible school lunch, aggressive behavior to get attention, and then suddenly forced her to delete her Instagram account. As of 2018, the public has been curious about the exact answers from Tay as well as whether Lil Tay is Dead or Alive.

In a recent movie, her brother controlled Tay’s speech and taught her to be more than that. Celebrities like Eminem mentioned her in their song and Snoop Dog even reacted by treating her with the care and care of her parents.

Who Killed Lil Tay?

Thanks to online research into who killed Tay, Sean Robinson, aka Tay-K, shows up. After examining the correct statements, it becomes clear that the information provided is a rumor and links to other murder news in this search bar.

Whether the Tay disappeared

The mystery of Lil Tay Dead or Alive stems from the fact that she was actually tortured by her brother Jason and was forced to follow his instructions. Her family was never involved, and her biological father wanted her back to be a better child. After her Instagram story “Help me” the next day, the account was deleted. The rumor of claims in which she “was shot” is a false assumption.


Tay, in court care, was under the care of her biological father and mother, thanks to which she lived a prosperous and authentic life. She is homeschooled and kept away from social media. She lives in Vancouver and started a new life without bragging.

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