These days, shoppers prefer shopping online because it’s extremely convenient and offers numerous other advantages. Butremember this that not every online store can be trusted. Today, we’ll reveal the real-life story of a site that offers multiple products So, stay with us as we write these Lienelli Review..

The store has attracted a lot of enquiries in the Netherlands. Let’s learn more information about it.

What is Lienelli?

Lienelli is an online store with international reach which offers exclusive products including adjustable dumbbells coffee tables cutting machines, tables, a Kick scooter, tableboard cat playgrounds, hood jackets as well as other items. Furthermore, this store is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for unique products under one roof with a price that is surprisingly low.

In addition, shopping at the shop this season is advantageous since it offers the opportunity to save 70% on all of its products.

The site is scam since it makes a lot of false promotions to draw the attention of customers. For example, the website states that any ordering before 23:59 will be delivered on the same day for free and the entire range is on sale for 70 percent discount. If you are also thinking, Is Lienelli Legit or not, then check out the following article. We have included an in-depth analysis of the Netherlands viewers.

What is the specification of Lienelli?

  • Website URL-
  • Products- unique items (tools, toys, furniture etc.)
  • Domain establishment date-17/12/2021
  • Support service mail- [email protected]
  • Contact numberis not listed.
  • Address of company not readily available
  • Return and exchange orders must be made within 14 days
  • Refund policy: within a couple of days
  • Payment options- Ban contact, perfect
  • Free shipping on all transportation costs across Europe
  • The time frame for transportation is within 24 hours
  • Newsletter- available
  • Social media connections – not mentioned

If you’re not content with the data available You should look up Lienelli reviews to clarify your questions.

Which are good benefits of purchasing from Lienelli?

  • The site is offering huge discounts.
  • Shoppers can get free shipping all over Europe.
  • There are several kinds of products offered at the store.
  • It offers a quick delivery service.

Which are negatives to buying at Lienelli?

  • There have been negative comments from shoppers.
  • We’ve not come across any social media websites on the official website.
  • It is not providing important information such as contact number and address of the company, owner details , etc.
  • It’s offering a false promise of benefits.

Is Lienelli Legit?

Today, relying on any website without knowing the authenticity of the website is risky since you are unable to tell if it’s genuine and fraudulent. We have therefore included all the facts that are true regarding this website in order to educate users on the intentions of the site.

Please refer to the following listed points:

  • Domain registration date: The domain name for the online store was verified on 17/12/2021.
  • Domain termination date: the domain of the website will be terminated after 17/12/2022.
  • Alexa rank: As per the inquiry, there are there are no Alexa rank data are available.
  • Comments from Shoppers are in the site, there is no Lienelli reviews included, but in the same breath we’ve found false ratings on the Trustpilot on the site within the site.
  • Trust score- During the examination, it’s observed that the site been able to achieve poor scores. This are 1percent.
  • Trust rank: The website’s trust rank is extremely poor, it is 1.2/100.
  • Content quality: The information and images published is copied from other websites.
  • Social media icons. Unfortunately the website doesn’t appear on social media platform.
  • Address OriginalityThe address for the company is not listed on the website.
  • Websites that offer fake offers promises to provide free products in exchange for a certain offer.

What is the buyers’ Lienelli Reviews?

According to the research, the online store was a target of negative reviews and poor ratings from customers. People also claimed that it is a fraud and provides counterfeit goods.

The Final Verdict

The website does offer a variety of items , such as furniture equipment and kitchen appliances, among others. However, it has been identified as a red flag by customers. So, we recommend customers to stay clear of buying from such online stores.

To help you For your information, we have included the truth inside this Lienelli Reviewto aid interested buyers to make an informed decision.