Are you also eager to know more about the Levinejewelry com website? If yes, then you should read more about its credibility in this review.

You can purchase exquisite and elegant jewelry available on the store. The site offers a wide selection of jewelry for women and men. In addition, it is accessible worldwide, with a variety of well-known countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and more.

Additionally, a lot of people want to know about the legitimacy of the website due to the increasing number of online fraud. Therefore, let’s look at these reviews to find out more.

What exactly is Levinejewelry the website?

Based on the information provided under the website’s “About us” page, it is an international brand of luxury jewelry that offers a wide assortment of sterling jewellery made from silver and diamond. Furthermore, the site is well-known for its luxurious items like rings, bracelets glasses, chains and other similar products.

In addition, the site states that it sells a range of product categories, including leather products, personal care perfume bottles, crystal products, water bottles and more. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else in the store as of now.

The website doesn’t appear to be very appealing from the appearance and design, which makes us think about whether is legitimate and if it is.

The specifications of Levinejewelry Com

  • Website homepage link-
  • Jewelry, rings, bracelets necklace, rings and glasses
  • Domain Creation Date: 28/01/2022
  • Email address- [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Contact number- unavailable
  • Physical address- Fernando Amilpa, 19322, 22224, Mexico. There is another address mentioned as CA in the main page.
  • The cost of shipping is based on the destination
  • The shipping time is not specified.
  • Payment Options – American Express, VISA, and MasterCard
  • Return and exchange for 30 days
  • The policy on refunds – the approximate time is not stated
  • Social media links- mentioned
  • Newsletter- Published

It is recommended to read customer reviews of prior to clicking the payment button as the website claims to offer genuine jewelry.

Positive aspects of buying on this site

  • The site has a global shipping policy.
  • Customers are able to return the item in the period of 30 days.
  • The buyer’s personal information is secure through this website because it’s HTTPS secured.
  • The number of reviews that are positive are listed on the site under the section on services.
  • The website contains information pertaining to email addresses and company address.

Negative benefits of buying on this website

  • There is negative feedback that has been posted via the web.
  • The site has been awarded an index of trust of 1%, and an overall trust score of 26.8 percent.
  • Its domain name is young.
  • The page contains incorrect information on the”description” page.
  • The contact information is not available in the web portal.

Does have a valid license?

After having analyzed all the variables and felids and parameters, we’ve compiled certain facts about the site that can assist customers in assessing the credibility of the site. Furthermore, today numerous scam websites are on the web to conceal their fraudulent motives.

These checklists can aid you in your research.

  • Domain termination date: The domain name of the website will expire at the start of the year 2023 on the 28th of January.
  • Feedback from customers- there are positive reviews numbers listed under every product on the website.
  • Domain creation date – the domain name was launched just a week ago, on the 28th of January 2022.
  • Social media links- no working links on the website.
  • Trust rank out of 100. The site has been awarded 26.8.
  • Quality of Content- The entire content is copied from other sources.
  • Trust score – the site has been awarded a terribly disappointing score of 1.1 percent.
  • Address origin – we are unable to believe the company addresses declared since they are derived.
  • Alexa rank- No Alexa rank reports on the web.

What is the customers Levinejewerlry reviews?

We have reviewed all sources and gathered data from different platforms, such as legitimate websites or the internet, for instance. In fact, the official site is a positive one, however from the link to an external source we’ve seen a lot of unhappy shoppers’ comments where they claimed the site is fake and not to consider it reliable.

So, the website is found out as suspicious, based on customer’s comments.


According to the experts according to the experts, this high-end jewellery shop is a scam and consumers should be cautious when visiting these websites. Additionally, the website has been spotted with a number of warnings and negative Reviews which have revealed the true intentions of the site.