Astm Mask Canada Level 3 Reviews: The world is battling a pandemic and everyone is afraid to go outside. In many countries, including Canada, authorities are renewing the blockade.

In addition, we know that many vaccines are currently fighting COVID-19, but the availability of these vaccines is not possible worldwide. However, an effective way is to follow prevention guidelines to stop it spreading. One is wearing a mask. Here we have the ASTM Level 3 Human Mask. Let’s go through its details.

A few words on the Level 3 Asthma Mask

It is a disposable medical mask to protect people from airborne diseases. This mask is manufactured by United Canada Incorporation and is licensed for a medical device. In addition, these masks conformed to the ASTM Level 3 test standard, which means they are more effective at combating bacterial filtration and fluid resistance.

Besides, these masks are made of non-woven fabric and meet medical standards exactly. Let’s go over the details in Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews for more information.

Level 3 Asthma Mask Specifications

• Manufacturer: United Canada Incorporation manufactures these ASTM Level 3 masks and is MDEL certified.

• Color available: These ASTM Level 3 masks are available in blue and white.

• Size and dimensions: The size of both masks has a slight difference as the dimensions of the blue masks are 175 mm x 95 mm and the white masks are 173 mm x 93 mm.

• ASTM Test Standard: Conforms to the ASTM F2100-19 Level 3 test standard.

• Bacterial filtration efficiency: The filtration efficiency of bacterial white and blue is almost the same as 99.5% and 99%.

• Particulate filtration: The blue mask has a filtration of 98% and white 99.2%. Let us get more details on test types and performance by Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews.

• Fluid Resistance: These masks have passed the ASTM F1862 fluid resistance test up to a limit of 160 mmHg.

• Delta P Test: Has <6 results in the Differential Pressure Test in the EN14683 test method.

• Multi-layer: It is multi-layer and has three layers of the fabric listed below.

• Material used: This mask is made of liquid-resistant non-woven spun-bond polypropylene and fused materials. The earloop is made of polyester.

• Nose clip: Has a flexible metal strap.

We have identified these advantages and disadvantages for use in an in-depth analysis of Level 3 Astm Mask Canada reviews.

Benefits of using a Level 3 Asthma mask

• Has three layers to increase fluid drag.

• These masks are manufactured in Canada and comply with a Canadian Medical License.

• Its production has a factory license for the production of medical devices. This means that the products exactly meet the guidelines.

• Meets ASTM Class 3 requirements.

• The effectiveness of the mask is greater and equal to 98% in all tests.

• These masks are latex and glass fiber free.

Downside of using a Level 3 Asthma mask

• This mask is not reusable. After use, it should be properly unfolded.

Is Level 3 Asthma Mask Legal?

During our Level 3 Astm Mask Canada review, we learn that this mask was manufactured by United Canada Inc. and made in their country. Moreover, the production of this mask has been going on for a long time, and its official website has been operating since 2016. In addition, this company only deals with medicine and has a factory license for the manufacture of medical devices.

We have also found that the masks are certified, comply with medical standards and meet the requirements of ASTM F2100-19 Level 3. So these masks are legal.

Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews, written by users

Our study found many reviews on her website and a few on her Facebook page. In these reviews, customers are satisfied with its quality. They say these masks are breathable and the price of the masks is reasonable. Moreover, some people say they are soft to wear and do not cause a burning sensation on the face.


We learn that this mask is legal and produced domestically to ASTM Level 3 standards and shows high performance in testing. In addition, it has positive reviews on its website and social media account. So you can buy them by comparing and discovering them yourself, according to your needs and requirements.

Do you have any experience using these masks? Share your experience in the comments section. For more information on the Level 3 Astm Mask Canada review, write to us in the comments section.