There was a time when running or other sports activities had very little value. Fortunately, we have given some attention to our health in the last two years and started some physical activities. 

Sports triathlon has three simple disciplines swim, run, and cycling. But first of all, you need some essential types of equipment to get yourself start. These equipment are called triathlon gears. Triathlon gears can help you in training and performing more efficiently. Good  shows efficient performance according to the triathlete workout intensity. These triathlon gears will help you get ready for the race day or swim. Here’s a list of the best triathlon gears available in the 2022 market.  

You will need a triathlon kit that covers all the essential equipment. Triathlon gears must be capable of high performance either you have to swim, ride or run. Wetsuits are essential to try before you buy them to get fixed into them. There is unusual tightness that might feel odd the first time, but if you are wearing a good quality wetsuit, that will go away the moment you jump into the water. While swimming, constant movement is required, so try to buy that triathlon gear that is more elastic and involves less drive. Triathlon gears produced by SUMARPO are best in activities such as swimming, running, and cycling, and this article finds that SUMARPO delivers the best products in all supports disciplines. In addition, SUMARPO products are best for beginners and professional triathletes. They aim to provide a healthy movement and life. So, that either user is man or woman doesn’t get discomfort.  


SUMARPO proposed the concept of a low module for the first in the triathlon field. Because using low module technology can reduce human consumption. SUMARPO products consume less energy. SUMARPO has made this product with 100% limestone neoprene, which is healthy for your environment and humans. The exploitation and production phase is eco-friendly; that’s why these are also .

Triathlon wetsuit: 

-premium wetsuit VICTORY (Pre-sale)

Premium wetsuit VICTORY (Pre-sale) is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable wetsuit. This wetsuit can be stretched for more efficient muscle control. Coated with SCS NANO and 3D silicone GSP tech, this wetsuit also provides ultimate speed. This wetsuit is made up of Aeroatom neoprene, which helps to bring 30% higher buoyancy. Ensuring its sustainability in its production and made up of Yamamoto #45 neoprene, this wetsuit is adopted by involving designs specifically with cutting-edge technology.

OUTSTANDING-High-performance wetsuit VANGUARD

This product by  is one of the most demanding pieces of triathlon gear in the market because of its distinctive features and components. 

This product is most demanding in the market for competition reasons, featuring super-stretch fabrics and making sure fast donning and off. 

  • Marvelous RESILIENCE
  • A strict buoyancy ratio tests this product.
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Promise best sustainability and performance.

VANGUARD improves the efficiency of the swim stroke. For example, this product can swim the arms 300 times in the same position because the LMT material consumes less manual energy.

It can be removed without any hustle, just like another part of your skin.

-Affordable wetsuit RACE

The best part of this SUMARPO product is that it guarantees minimal resistance, and ultra-module makes your activity more relaxing, easy, and flexible. SUMARPO Race is loaded with advanced technology to help beginners and professional triathletes. After wearing this wetsuit, you can only expect high faster performance in the water. It’s also known as a game-changer product in the market means that swimming with premium Yamamoto will increase your flexibility and demands less energy.

Finest Element: Stable Rotation

Two Yamamoto neoprene panels manufacture RACE wetsuit, which can maintain a balance between central line and active to swift side-to-side movement—combined with SQ-flex to keep your body warm. Moreover, this stable rotation system eliminates the dead spot while swimming.

Features of most demanding product-entry level wetsuit N-JOY

Most demanding wetsuit in 2022 market. Why? People are going towards a healthy lifestyle and trying to maintain some healthy exercise.

They need triathlon gear, and N-joy is an entry-level wetsuit that helps beginners to start their triathlon journey with buoyancy and comfort.


N-JOY improves performance, and the monolayer collar delivers relaxation because it doesn’t make any heaviness or restriction to your neck.  It contains a 1.5mm SCS V-shaped piece on the inverted U-shaped leg cuffs, increasing the plastic edge of the leg and elbow.  

Manufacturers of this product understand the pain that goes into a long moment of their customers; they deserve the best product, manufactured with suitable materials, and must use the latest technologies. 

Compression clothing and others

We all know that compression clothing is essential for athletes. It improves your blood circulation; in addition to that, it increases muscle supports. Recently, SUMARPO has come with new innovative compression clothing to enhance the performance of their users. They have manufactured products for those users who demand more for a good performance. All these products are designed to provide your muscle with stability and flexibility. Also, compression clothing helps in controlling leg pumping. Your body feels controlled by your feet because your ankle is tight.

SUMARPO satisfies your various needs by providing every important piece a triathlete requires. SUMARPO has been producing and serving us since 2008; now, they have a professional team of researchers who manufacture products with BODY science research. After doing proper basic research, they produce such products that can ease and provide the user’s comfort. Trisuits are available in this section suitable for different sports situations. 


This company’s production, experiments, and manufactures are eco-friendly as compared to other oil-based adhesives. In many different ways, SUMARPO serves its customers in the best way. These four products manufactured by SUMARPO are the most demanding products in the 2022 market. You have the best choice of triathlon gears in the market produced by SUMARPO.