Do you need products to show off your uniqueness and express who you are? Let’s now take a look at Leslieta Com in the United States. They also have a presence elsewhere like the United Kingdom.

It is designed to increase uniqueness for those who are passionate about collecting unique items. Let’s get to Leslieta or Leslieta Com reviews.

Leslieta, an online marketplace where you can purchase a unique product in one location, is called Leslieta.

These amazing items include miniature antique books and functional WWII Military Pocket Compasses.

You can find more information in the specification section.

Brief of, an online shopping destination where products can be found according to any passion and interest on Earth, as well as highlighting one’s UNIQUENESS. These are just a few of the items that you will find:

  • Plant for air purification
  • Wall art of celebrities
  • Functional WWII Military Pocket Compass
  • Camping tent
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Miniature antiques books

Is Leslieta Com a Legit If you are wondering about this question, don’t be tempted by its attractive and trendy appearance. There are tricksmers who can con you into believing it is a scam.

Specification on Leslieta

  • Domain – Domain created Saturday 29 May 2021
  • URL Buy unique product as
  • Email –
  • Address,2390 Powell St. Apt. 208, San Francisco CA 94133, US
  • Payment Options: This is the most secured PayPal option. You can also pay with Debit or credit by PayPal
  • Return policy: You can return your item within 14 days from the date of delivery
  • Return Policy: It is simple to get a refund. All you have to do is return the product in its original condition.
  • ExchangeExchange offers assistance in the event of any problem with your product.
  • Social Presence – There is no Leslieta Com Reviews social account.
  • Shipping policy
  • Standard shipping between 10-15 business day with $4.99
  • VIP Fast Shipping within 6-10 Business Days for $9.99

Positive Things About Leslieta

  • You can find endless products at this shop that suit your needs. This shop enhances one’s individuality.
  • It also offers easy refund options.
  • Shipping is also easy once you have placed your order.
  • HTTPS Secure Website
  • Shipping Free for Orders Above $59.99
  • Unique items can be purchased on this site.

Negative Notes

  • The website’s existence is still new and cannot be trusted (29-5-2021).
  • Leslieta Com Reviews of Social Accounts are Hardly Acceptable
  • There is no contact number on the website.
  • These products do not have customer reviews which could indicate a scam.
  • Customer reviews are not allowed for the listed product.
  • It is really poor website design. There are no product specifications.

Leslieta’s authenticity not verified

Leslieta, a website just one month old, offers these unique items throughout the country with low prices to make suspicion.

  • Domain age –Domain is approximately one month old, making it difficult to gain trust.
  • Trust factor– The Trust Factor is only 1%, which is very low
  • Review-Reviews do not exist on the official website.
  • Address This address is available but Google does not allow us to find it.
  • Social Media:Social media icons and connections are unavailable.
  • Unrealistic discount:Unrealistic deals are available such as buy two, get one free, or a freebie.

Leslieta Com reviews

This website has a unique product. It offers a large selection, but also very affordable prices. However, we are unable to find reviews from customers and no reviews on social media.

This website is brand new and only a month old. It is therefore difficult to buy from it.

Final thoughts

This summarizes all the information about Reviews. It is too new, ranks poorly, contact number is unavailable, and there are no reviews. The information provided is suspicious and not trustworthy.

This website is not recommended.