Roblox is a game platform that has changed the mood of every gamer. Many people in the United States are avid Roblox fans. Millions of gamers love this game.

Legendary leader Astd has been a topic of great interest to gamers. It is a term that is not well-known by most gamers, but it is something that Roblox players are familiar with.

What is Astd.

Astd stands to represent All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox. This platform is open to all gamers. This platform allows you to share, discover, and add your knowledge. There are different types of characters. It boasts a 6-star list of characters who are named:

  • Orange Head
  • Shield Master
  • ZIO
  • The Shirtless Devil
  • Kura
  • Lightning Bolt

These are the 6-star characters for all-star tower defence. Roblox also includes many other categories.

Legendary Leader Asst

The most loved and viewed anime series is Naruto Shippuden. They have found a place in many hearts. Madara Uchiha is a legendary leader who is also a 6-star hybrid unit. This unit is based on Madara Uchiha, and can be obtained from Christmas Box III. You might now be wondering how to get this Christmas Box.

We will be describing all the methods to get this box. This box can be obtained at Hero Summon. It is extremely difficult to get. This box is only available to 2% of those who have collected Christmas Box III in the Roblox. Legendary Leader Asst can only be obtained if you have already collected Christmas Box III from Roblox.

Astd codes

This year, multiple codes were launched. All codes are available in this article. These codes and their rewards are listed alongside the astd’s current and future codes:

  • World2ComingSoon: Reward is 250 Gems and Gold
  • astdx2022: 500 gems, Ice queen, 1000 gold
  • merrychristmas2k21 – EXP IV 1000 gems or gold
  • Winterbreakwhen: 250 golds and gems
  • December 2021: 300 gems, 500 gold
  • ASTDDevs – Exp IV 500 gems, and gold

These rewards can be used up to the point they become active by using the astd list. These codes can no longer be used after they expire. We covered a lot of Legendary leader Asstd topics; there are many more.

The strongest character of Astd

Broly is considered to be the strongest and fastest character in the astd. It has a range of 25 miles, SPA 5 and damage 26. The cost was $500. Its speed is such that it can sprint forward, jump up and then ram down on the enemy.


As a result of our research on Astd we learned a lot about the characters in astd. We also shared information on their codes. We have shared the information that we gathered with you and it will be very helpful to you.