Commercial areas house a variety of businesses and their general requirements for better business practices include effective and quality lighting. It is important to learn what these places are and how their various needs differ. For example, some commercial spaces are large offices, hospitals, schools, while others are workshops, recreational centres, gyms, clubs, stores, malls etc. The most common thing is the influx of people in such spaces almost round the clock. The lighting arrangements are done on the basis of the business and hence many different lighting layouts are followed.

The first principle of lighting in commercial areas is accommodation for the public and it must attract the consumers and create a desirable ambiance. In most of these spaces the requirement for healthy and ambient lighting is highly necessary as it enhances the workflow and has a direct impact on efficiency and productivity. 

What is LED lighting?

LED lighting is a modern day lighting technology for all spaces domestic, commercial and industrial. It is better than traditional lighting in so many ways and has revolutionised the way lighting technology is viewed and utilised. Traditional lighting has various options where they are bright but quite costly and inefficient in setups which require them daily for around 12 hours. 

Fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lamps are of use in most light fixtures in commercial setups like schools, hospitals, gymnasiums which you can browse here

The traditional commercial fixtures which are now available in LED technology as well are: 

  • Troffer lights 

Troffer light fixtures are rectangular or square shaped light fixtures. They fit into modular grid ceilings common to offices, hospitals and schools. Traditional troffer lights carry T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps but LED troffers are much better and carry integrated LED lamps which are covered by parabolic lenses. The light distribution from recessed type LED troffers is quite efficient and glare free. There are many different designs of troffer lights for different ceiling types and installation options. LED troffers are largely beneficial and efficient in offices, hospitals, gymnasiums etc. 

  • Shop lights 

Shop lights are linear and quite convenient light fixtures. They are applicable in almost any space as they are available in varying lengths and options. Most shop lights carry aluminum frames with LED tubes as lamps and have a lens covering the lamp. These fixtures have mounting brackets at the back of the fixture which allow various mounting options for different elevations. Shop light fixtures come in different sizes and also feature a plug n play option for extra task lighting. 

  • LED panel lights

Panel lights are slim light fixtures which are the latest technology available. They are quite efficient, lightweight and highly aesthetic light fixtures. Panel lights feature very slim, super bright and ambient light. They have an LED grid plate which is customisable for various applications. All panel light fixtures are available in different shapes and sizes. They are easy to mount on surfaces and there is an option for recessed mount as well. 

  • Wraparound lights

Wraparound light fixtures are another high quality commercial light fixture. Their design is fit for low and medium high ceilings. The lamp used is LED and the lens wraps around the lamp in a way that is exposed from three directions. They are quite bright and assistive light fixtures. They allow easy mounting options in workshops, stores, garages and produce bright and uniform lighting all over as they have a larger beam spread than other fixtures. 

  • Wall pack lights 

Wall packs are security lights and they are outdoor light fixtures for commercial areas. Security and safety of the public is a priority hence to run an efficient business it is essential to have light both in and around the commercial building. Wall pack light fixtures are compact and work as supplemental light fixtures around the parameters of the building. These lights are easy to install on entryways, pathways and parking areas. A broad beamed wall pack is also mountable on the top of the building for extra safety and security. 

  • Spot lights 

Spot lights are mainly like flood lights but with a rather smaller beam angle as more light is focused in a small area. They are also excellent security or commercial lights to attract more customers or people in general. Their adjustable and customisable features allow a variety of functions when it comes to facade lighting, security lighting and outdoor residential lighting. 

Advantages of using LED lighting

There are several advantages of including LED lamps entirely in place of traditional lamps for outdoor or indoor commercial lighting. Few named benefits are: 

  • Lower energy consumption and costs 

LED light fixtures produce more lumens than an average lamp. They do so by using the same amount of energy provided. It makes them highly efficient and reduces the cost of lighting in several ways. As lighting is a basic infrastructure it requires proper layout and capital and must last longer than anticipated without causing much trouble. LED lighting barely ever malfunctions and does not require any extra maintenance over the years. They effectively reduce the energy costs which allows more room for other renovations. 

  • Higher efficiency 

LED light fixtures are designed to be efficient in function. The structure makes them powerful and effective against all odds. The body is made up of aluminum which can withstand extremely harsh environment or temperature conditions and does not compromise on the lighting conditions. They are IP rated fixtures which can withstand water, dust and chemicals even when directly exposed to it. LED lighting is also functional in alternating or extreme temperatures as opposed to traditional lamps. 

  • Easy customisation 

LED light fixtures allow ebay customisation which makes the space more ambient and gives a rather personalised experience. The correlated colour temperature is measurable on a kelvin scale which produces warm yellow, bright white and daylight like light and they have selectable CCT options in different fixtures to set the theme whenever necessary. The colour rendering index of most LED light fixtures is above or around 80. It produces optimal light which can protect and display original colours and enhance their appearance without producing glare. 

  • Safe and eco friendly 

LED light fixtures are highly environment friendly and they operate on green lighting technology all the while reducing carbon footprint as well. The light does not contain any harsh chemicals and the light is soft, glowy, easy on the eyes, does not flicker or produce annoying buzzing sounds. They are also safe to recycle.