Today we will learn about Lecomisaging com, a website specially designed for their Senior Healthcare Center in Erie, PA, United States.

LECOM is the country’s largest medical school, and since its inception, it has tried to bring new concepts to health and medical fitness to Erie, built a network of doctors, and started building its first healthcare center for the elderly.

We will learn more about it and see what other people think about this center. Read on to get a short review of this site and decide if it’s right for your loved ones or not.

What is LECOM?

Lecomisaging com is an initiative of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), one of the largest medical colleges in the country, opened in 1992. It offers affordable and innovative education in dentistry, pharmacy and osteopathic medicine.

LECOM is the only academic osteopathic health center in the country. The campus is located in Pennsylvania, Florida, Greensburg, New York, Elmir and Bradenton. It is a private compassionate institute that trains health professionals due to the increasing demand of pharmacists, new doctors and dentists.

What is Lecomisaging com? is LECOM Health’s unit for the well-being of the elderly in Erie. It is an institute for successful aging. Has a domain age of 1 year.

They provide a variety of health services for seniors, including primary care professionals, doctors, and consulting services. They create home care facilities, hospice, home health care with qualified nursing care and outpatient services.

Their address is 5535 Peach St, Erie, PA 16509, United States. You can contact them on (814) 790-1790 or send an email to [email protected].

You can volunteer for your services and fill out the form on the website itself. You can schedule a resident’s visit online.

Provide community services such as home care, adult daycare and shared housing; personal care and independent living; qualified nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

Customers opinion:

Unfortunately, there are no reviews available for Lecomisaging combut found exciting feedback on their Senior Healthcare Center that you may wish to watch. gave it 3.6 stars out of 5, while gave it 3.9 stars. According to the aforementioned reviews, the property is clean and beautiful beyond all expectations. Many people appreciated the environment they created for the elderly.

But a few also mentioned their low services and didn’t recommend Lecom to their loved ones. They said the staff is minimal and disorganized. The place was modern and tidy, but despite the shared seating areas, it did not have a homely feel to it.

One customer mentioned that when he went to visit the resident there were no residents there and the guide did not answer most of their questions.


You can use Lecomisaging com to easily apply online for a resident’s visit to the facility and learn about the various facilities. It is a health care facility for seniors that helps your loved ones spend their lives in peace.

But reviews suggest this place may not be the perfect choice. You can look at customer reviews and decide if this facility is suitable for your close elderly relatives.