Are you a big fan of the new and trending Arceus Pokemon Game? What about Pokemon with three leaves? If so, read on.

Pokemon Arceus is a huge phenomenon. There are so many tasks and requests to catch the mysterious Pokemon. There are many players looking for the new three-leaf Pokemon. This is especially true in the United States, Canada Canada, Australia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. We will now discuss leaves3 with pokemon.

What is Pokemon with Three Leaves, you ask?

Pokemon Arceus Search for Bitter Leaves is a challenge for gamers. They have to capture a Pokemon with three unique leaves. Petilil is a Pokemon that has three leaves. If you are able to locate it and know how to catch it, it is very easy to capture the Pokemon.

Although there are a few Pokemon that may fit this description, gamers will still need to hunt one of Crimson Mirelands’ signature Pokemon. According to the mission guidelines, Petilil can only be caught if it has three leaves.

How do I get leaves with pokemon

To make the request, players should speak to Shinon within Jubilife Village. She will tell players to pick plants for herself and that they may be used to make medicine.

Shinon doesn’t really know where and how it is located. Anise will then suggest that players ask her for further information.

The Anise is not far. Anise would tell you that the Pokemon is in fact a Pokemon when she meets her. She will also share her knowledge about the location, which is Crimson Mirelands. It is here that you can find leaf 3 with pokemon.

You will find the Cottonsedge Prairie at the eastern end of Crimson Mirelands. It is the best place to begin your search for Pokemon.

To get there, players must first visit Diamond Settlement. Next, ride across Lake Valor with Pokemon Legends Arceus. Although it might seem difficult, this path should allow anyone who has completed their Search for Bitter Leaves mission to access the Cottonsedge Prairie.

The players will find several Petilil Pokemon in the cotton as they arrive. However, players should only catch one Leaf 3 with pokemon.

Players would be given a short segment of time after they had spoken with the individual and delivered the Petilil (or the Pokemon with three leafs) to them. Their quest for Search for Bitter Leaves will be completed.


Capturing Petilil is a relatively simple task and shouldn’t take long. For returning three of the three-leaf Pokemon, the player gets five Hopo Berries and three Fine Remedies.