We all know when it comes to being in fashion, accessories are a crucial element, and nothing screams class, as well as a good bag, does. Now, there are always what’s and how’s regarding the perfect handbag for women that match both your style and budget.

All the fashion gurus will agree in one breath that leather bags are the best for you to buy. But how worthy they are when compared to bags made of other materials? Let’s find out more why leather is the best material for bags and luggage here!



Leather is an extremely durable material, without a doubt. It’s all the more convenient if the bag is to be used regularly. A genuine leather bag, when handled properly, is said to last a lifetime or even longer! That surely calls for a perfect 5 for leather bags in this category.

On the other hand, on-leather bags do not allow lifetime usage. They might survive a few months, maybe a year or two at max, depending on the specific material. The bags made of synthetic materials like Polyurethane tend to crack and are susceptible to UV damage over time. So, on average, these bags can go only as high as 2.5 on this scale.


The first resistance towards buying good leather bags is always the price. However, a smart shopper knows leather bags are value for money. You might need to invest a little more than usual in a good leather bag, but there’s an assurance that it’ll last twice as long as any alternative and ages gracefully like a beautiful bottle of chardonnay. On a scale of 0-5, leather bags are easily a 3.5 or maybe a 4 when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Bags of any alternative material are surely cheaper compared to leather. This is favorable for people with a lower budget, but the bags are ruined pretty easily, and replacements are required to be bought frequently. So nevertheless, in the long run, you end up spending a lot of money on your bags. If you’re someone who is okay with the hassle of having to buy new bags frequently and you choose to ignore the concern of commerce here, alternative bags can be a 3, at most for cost-effectiveness.

STYLE (0-5)

Leather is and has always been on top of the fashion game. The chic and polished look of a leather bag is hardly matched by anything else. There is a reason why Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and so many other high-end designers swear by leather. And that is the exact reason which makes leather bags a good 4 on the style quotient.

When it comes to alternative materials, the trend changes very frequently, which can make a bag outdated before it has expired its longevity. However, since these bags are cheaper, it’s not too difficult to keep up with the trend in terms of money, but yes, it can be tedious. These bags go well hand in hand with informal occasions, uniquely when styled well with a relevant outfit. So it requires a lot more effort to make these bags work than the effortless charm of leather bags. When paired with the right gear, these bags can be a 4 as well where style is concerned.


Leather bags offer excellent protection to the contents inside it. Leather is partly waterproof and can be resistant to fire if treated likewise. It is also resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks. Leather bags also protect sharp objects being carried in them. A good 4 bagged again!

Though bags made of synthetic materials often come with waterproof protection, cotton or jute bags seldom provide any protection. The waterproofing unavoidably wears away, and natural materials are susceptible to fungal attacks. Not more than 2 in this scenario for them hence.


Leather bags become flexible over time while keeping it’s shape and strength intact as well. Leather molds according to the shape of items it holds and the way it is used usually. Though leather bags may feel a little stiff when freshly bought, it softens to accommodate your lifestyle. A perfect 5 for flexibility, therefore.

Bags other than leather ones are not as hard when freshly bought, and are neither as adaptive. When stuffed with various objects, these bags tend to lose their shape and appear as something very opposite to presentable. The elastic limit is low for most of these bags, and the stitches often fall apart when the carriage is heavy. Consequently, on the flexibility front, they gain not more than 2 points.

With that, we arrive at the moment of final judgment in this battle of leather bags vs. other bags. Let’s look at the final scores –*drum rolls*

On one side, we have leather bags with a total of 22 points and, on the other, alternative bags, having scored 13.5 points.

And there we have ladies and gentlemen, the champion of the match! Now the next time you go bag shopping, you know which ones to go for!