The green version was presented again in 1975 with a special three-color version shortly before its thirtieth edition and it was produced until 1990 when production of this classic watch ended for good.

A few years later, the Daytona model was designed with a special green dial.

And today – after years of development and research – Rolex has once again produced a new green version of its iconic sports watches, the Milgauss. The use of this special color is in line with its innovative spirit, as this is how Rolex has always expressed its love for innovation, breaking new ground, and taking on new challenges.

Today, the new Rolex green watches are sold in Asia, Europe, and the United States. For the moment, it is a limited edition model and is available in selected shops, but the question is whether this will not become a permanent feature, as it was with previous models.

Green livery watches

In 1894, Rolex launched a new model of watch with a distinctive new design. That was the birth of the first green Rolex.

Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 1948, but today there are once again green Rolex watches on sale worldwide.

The reasons why are multiple and rather difficult to pinpoint precisely. But what is clear is that they have something special to offer and their history makes them all the more interesting.

A tale of two models

Its first green watch was the 1894 model, which was so-called because it came before the company’s 100 years anniversary. It was a two-tone tool watch with an unusual green livery. This livery caught the eye of a certain Louis Cartier, who commissioned Rolex to design and build a wristwatch in his own case. So began its close partnership with Cartier.

1894 was followed by the same model, but this time with black dials and repainted livery, which is also known as “the green dress watch”.

It then came in three variations:

1. Pirate or “3-color” model produced between 1936 and 1939.

2. Commemorative model, which came on the market in 1948 to mark Rolex’s 100 years anniversary.

3. Longines model, which was the first of its kind since it used a non-standard caliber number at an affordable price, from the 1950s on.

Green livery watch

From a marketing point of view, we must look at specific factors to understand why Rolex chose to offer us watches with this special color today:

– The green livery stands out on watch dials that are almost exclusively black or white. It has become an experience for customers who want to try something different that stands out from their collection of other brands.

– The green has become a Rolex trademark and truly symbolizes the company’s leadership in watchmaking.

– The green watches are still produced in small numbers and when they are not, the desire for this special model is quite high.

– And the last reason, but not without meaning, is that this new Rolex green watch represents the perfect mix of design – with its three-tone dial – and quality craftsmanship which can be found on every single one of its models.

Rolex Milgauss

It is a model that has long been in development before being released as one of the brand’s top models. This is because it is aimed at a niche market of professionals and lovers of technical watches.

The green waterproof model was the most recent in a long line of special Rolex watches that have made the headlines over the years. For example, the GMT Master II and the Submariner, both launched in 1954 and 1955 respectively, have also had their own green versions.

And as with all its models, Rolex has succeeded in offering every one of its customers an exceptional product.