Certain mobile applications have had a stronger impact on people’s lives than they imagined. It is like everything must happen on these apps. Otherwise, it cannot happen at all. Often, while setting up your phone, you set some apps as your default app for a particular function like calling someone or playing music.

You do not realize then, but gradually, you know that you are getting used to it. People are so reliant on texting now that they often prefer texts to calls. It is the result of modern anxiety that seems to be taking over the whole of this generation.

Texting like crazy about important things

There was a time when you had to sit there waiting for a telegram or a phone call on your home landline phone to hear about that job you applied for or about the school timing changes. But things are so estranged now. Now, you can apply through your phone via certain platforms that provide jobs. The concerned person will text you, and you can set up the interview there.

If you do not happen to be active on that texting app, you can lose out on this great opportunity. Likewise, the announcements of the opening of the next college session, submission of assignments, grading of your papers, cancellation of lectures, and every other important detail of the day-to-day working of an educational institution are communicated through texts to the students. At least it happens like that in most urban areas.

Texting is an integral part of your days now, and thus, so are major texting platforms. One of which is WhatsApp. Most of the world relies on this platform for their personal as well as professional connection. Many businesses even urge customers to place orders through texting.

That is how common and dependable it has become in the new age. Since it is now so important to stay active on WhatsApp for most of your day to constantly check for official updates, there are times when one can’t keep looking at their phones. This is why people have been asking for a feature of scheduled sending of messages on the app. This feature will let you draft a message earlier in the day and schedule to send it at a later time.

Why and how of schedule sending:

Now on to the obvious question: why and when would you use this feature? It is particularly helpful when you are getting some ideas for a message in the middle of the night, and you know it is inappropriate to send the message then. When it would help you, you have been given a fixed time when you should send the message (for example, for a job application or related to educational exams).

It also works at the time of birthdays. If you have the content of the message ready beforehand, you can schedule it to send that fixed time. It works just like how you schedule a mail for a later time.

As to how you can do this, the app does not have this feature right now. You can, however, use third-party apps to do the needful. Some apps facilitate you to schedule a WhatsApp message and send it to the concerned person. Select a participant/contact from your contacts list you wish to send and type in the message. Please select a date and time and finish it. You can also switch on the option where the app will ask you before the specified time if you still want to send the message.