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Viv is a barrister, an academic, and a former course module leader at several London Universities. Having read law as an undergraduate, Viv went on to gain a First Class Master of Laws (LL.M). Viv was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn in 2007. Viv has more than 20 years of experience working in the legal profession. Viv expertise includes litigation advocacy, particularly in the fields of Employment Law. In addition, Viv is the co-author of published books.

Viv has taught eight subjects at three different London Universities. Furthermore, Viv can be a valuable asset to you because he is an expert in writing exam questions and providing guidance on grading exam papers and law essay writing. Viv had success for 15 years plus; success as a law tutor is founded on his interest and thoroughness in the subjects Viv teaches. At times of the year, Viv sought a law tutor, firstly because he teaches so many subjects, and secondly, Viv increases a student’s motivation and confidence through his teaching. This helps the student to enjoy their subject. Viv helps students develop their law study skills so that they can independently apply that to each subject within the study of law. Viv teaches the following legal subjects:

Property Law and Land Law

The Law of Equity and Law of Trust

The Law of the European Union and the Law of the European Union Trade

Contract Law and Contractual disputes

Criminal and Criminal Litigation

Public Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law

Tort Law and

Company Law

Commercial Law

The Law of International Trade

Civil Litigation and Advanced Civil Litigation

Rules of Evidence

Tax Law

E-Commerce Law

International Tax Law

Employment Law

Viv has taught at the Middlesex College of Law, where he introduced students to the Law of Evidence, Land law and Legal Study Skills as part of a London International LLB Bachelor Degree. In addition, Viv has been a lecturer at Holborn College, where Viv taught Land Law, European Union Law, Contract Law, Equity and Trusts, and the English Legal System. Viv was also given a graduate teaching position at Southampton University teaching land law as part of his Ph.D. programme. Viv was also awarded and scholarship by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Viv’s most recent appointments he was a Course coordinator for BARBRI, and he was a lecturer at Westminster University.

Viv was a university tutor, lecturer, and module leader. Westminster University employed Viv as the module leader for Tax Law. Viv was responsible for the entire Undergraduate Tax Law Module in 2008 and 2009. Viv was also given additional Law tutoring duties in Contract Law, EU Law, Land Law, and Legal Skills and Processes. Viv’s responsibilities included marking assignments, teaching, and grading examinations. Therefore Viv has first-hand experience of what examiners are looking for so he can help students get the best possible marks.

Viv teaches students that are studying to become Solicitors and Barristers. As for Viv is well-prepared for the various assessments he’ll face, such as practical legal research, portfolio work, opinion writing, drafting, advocacy, and multiple-choice examinations such as Business Law and Practice, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Procedure. Viv is an expert in Employment Law and can teach his students legal skills. Viv can combine this with work experience. Viv has had many students assist him in preparation and at trial in the Employment Tribunal.

Viv started Private Law Tutor in 2009 when he left Westminster University. Viv started law tutoring because he had a genuine interest in teaching and research. Viv worked for many of the law tutoring agencies that are based in London. Viv always gets students asking him if they can contact him directly, well now they can. In addition to coursework preparation, dissertation support, tutoring, advocacy, critical thinking, and career guidance in writing personal statements and CVs, Viv also helps practicing professionals with all aspects of their coursework.

Viv also have examined an incredible amount of cover letters, curriculum vitae, and personal statements. Viv have a firm grip on what it takes to set you out from the competition. Viv can assist you with editing and writing CV’s, cover letters, personal statements, and applications, as well as helping you stand out with your pupillage/mini pupillage application. Along with this Viv can ascertaining your eligibility to apply to and acceptance into the world’s most prominent universities for advanced education. Viv can help you highlight all of your legal experiences in order to get a training contract or pupillage position.

You may be asking yourself, why choose Viv as your law tutor? It’s especially difficult when there are so many law tutors out there. A student must choose the right tutor. For Viv, finding the right students is equally important. It is important to work with people in an enjoyable, productive way, and results in a lasting relationship. If Viv sounds like the type of law tutor you want to work with as a consultant get in contact with him.

In Viv’s view, studying law is a science. The real world does not have a study guide. Learning how to become an effective lawyer and problem solver is a must for students. Practice makes perfect. Viv has a strong believer in putting into action what you have learnt. The emphasis of Viv is on training students to think like lawyers. In their work and in the advice they provide, they tend to demonstrate this.

Viv’s focus is to use both his experience as a lecturer and his experience as a Barrister to help students grasp information in a way that promotes critical thinking. With Viv skills as a lecturer, he makes it easy for students to understand what is coming up on their course and how to prepare themselves. Viv uses a lot of practical legal examples and help law students take the next step into practicing what they are learning.