Laundry Jet is a popular United States-based manufacturer of patented and powered laundry chutes that are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

To simplify your laundry night and hassle-free, Laundry Jet is at your disposal.

What can you find on this site? What are the offerings in terms of services and products? Is it a genuine and trustworthy website? What is the price for the products that are sold on this site?

We’ll answer all of your questions on this page! Are you prepared to find out more the details about Let’s begin by analyzing all the details.

About This Website

Laundry Jet is an online retailer and manufacturer of patent-pending air-powered laundry chutes that help make laundry easier whether it is used for residential or commercial use.

The company’s mission is to revolutionize the way laundry is carried out one household at a time.

Users can send dry or slightly damp dirty laundry items straight to the laundry room in the floor over or under. The greatest part? It is easy to set up the Laundry Jet within your home or in a new construction.

To find out more about the Laundry Jet and Cost read this article!

Products Offered

As stated above There are two categories of products that are available on this site Commercial and residential.

In the category of Residential customers can purchase Laundry Jet Plus (latest and most advanced version in Laundry Jet), Laundry Jet Swift, iSense Port, Slide Port and Return Unit Return Unit separately.

Although we believe similar products will be offered for commercial use Customers will need to ask Laundry Jet additional information regarding the products and services provided by this business.

Is a Legit Website?

  • Age of domain: 9 years old, one month and four days
  • Domain registration date: 6 February 2013.
  • Domain Expiration Date 6 February 2023
  • Trust score: An Average trust score of 45 percent has been provided to this website.
  • Trust Rank: There is no trust ranking available in this particular domain.
  • Alexa rank: #2,582,878
  • Plagiarized content: We couldn’t discover any plagiarized content.
  • Customer policies: all policies and FAQs are available on the site.
  • Customer reviews: We’ve discovered mostly positive reviews.
  • Information about the name of the owner is not made public.
  • Contact details: the company has listed all of its official social media accounts on its website. There is a contact number as well as an Contact Us form too.

How Much Is a Laundry Jet?

According to the information we have received The laundry Jet systems are priced between $2,400 and $15,000 based on the number ports and the size of the system that is to be put in place.

The price is based on an estimation of the pipes as well as other components, but it is not inclusive of the delivery or installation of the laundry Jet system.

Customers’ Reviews

Unfortunately, we were not able to read many reviews from customers about Laundry Jet and its products on the Internet.

However, we did discover YouTube videos and some comments of celebrities such as Natalie MacKenna discussing the Laundry Jet in her house. She was a fan of Laundry Jet as it makes laundry simple by putting all the dirty clothes into one place.

The Final Words is an authentic and trustworthy website that has impressive and highly advanced air-powered laundry chutes that can be used for residential and commercial uses.

You can request an online quote from the website , whether or are not from the United States or other nations.