Wedding jewelry forms the crucial part of the wedding. If you’re considering doing a flashy wedding, then the choice of jewelry will matter most. Since ancient times, wedding jewelry such as rings, chains, and bangles was highly estimated. In modern days, there is advancement in wedding jewelry in designs and materials used. Wedding jewelry such as rings acts as a reminder of the event. Therefore, it’s important to spend more time choosing jewelry. By choosing the best jewelry you will make the day more memorable. The following are a few wedding jewelry;

Wedding rings 

Rings are a sign of the covenant made by the bride and bridegroom. No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. The best and most memorable part of the wedding ceremony is the exchanging of the rings. Therefore, choosing the best wedding rings makes your ceremony more memorable and beautiful. There are four different types of wedding rings which include; a plain wedding band, an eternity ring, a classic diamond ring, and a sapphire ring. The modern rings are customized with the name of your spouse. Therefore, it’s good to choose the ring according to your preference. The gold rings are currently the most preferred metal for weddings, in modern times their variations that include a mixture of metals such as silver and platinum, or yellow gold and white gold Here. You can even choose to have gold rings decorated with gems just for something unique. Different couples have different tastes for rings. Some may choose to have matching ring sets while others may prefer completely different styles.


The bride may wish to have a necklace to blend with her gown. Chains come in different styles that will suit your taste and match with the other jewelry. Example of some necklaces includes; Figaro chain, Singapore chain, rope chain, curb chain, ball chain, box chain, and mariner chain. They’re also a different gold chain that you can choose from. An 18ct gold chain is one of the popular gold chains. It comes in different colors such as yellow which can add a flavor in your to your wedding jewelry. If you do decide to go for the traditional yellow gold you need to decide whether you want 9K, 14K, 18K, or 24K. The K represent ‘karat’ or ‘carat’ which means the gold content of the metal used. The carat measures the ratio of pure gold and other metal alloys mixed with it.  


Most ladies won’t feel complete in their dressing without earrings. Earrings add value and beauty to the bride. The type and color of earrings should match with the gowns and other jewelry such as necklaces. The earrings will defer in style, shape, and materials. Examples of earrings by shape we have, stud earrings, cluster earrings, weeding drop earrings, and hoop earrings. According to style, we have classic earrings, minimalist earrings, and vintage wedding earrings. Lastly, we have gold, silver bridal, diamond, and pearl wedding earrings.

Wedding jewelry for the groom

In most cases, the groom doesn’t have much jewelry. But it’s good to keep in mind the taste and interest of the jewelry they prefer. Some grooms may prefer to have chains. The chain can match with that of the bride or can decide to have a different chain in style and color. The chain should be of the same material to avoid mix-ups. The bridegroom may also prefer to have a watch. The type of the watch should also match with other jewelry and also considering the outfits.

How to choose a wedding jewelry

The choice of jewelry during the wedding day will make the day colorful and more memorable. There are a few things to consider when choosing the wedding jewelry;

less is more

The jewelry should not take much of the attention from the wedding dress. Both gown and jewelry should complement each other. For example, if you have a gown with a neckline, there is no need to wear a necklace rather, you can wear a pair of drop earrings to accentuate the look.

Match your jewelry to the style of the dress.

If the style of your wedding dress is simple, making a statement with a bejeweled necklace will give you an impressive look. It’s good to be creative in matching the outfit and the jewelry. The right contrast can give you an awesome beautiful appeal.

Pair the wedding jewelry with the gown’s fabrics 

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the type of jewelry whether platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold, or silver. But the fabric of the wedding gown can make it easier. A platinum and silver jewel can beautifully blend with a white gown. In case the wedding gown has an ivory tone, a gold piece can give an elegant look. Gold rose matches well with pink hues. A beige dress will have a burnished look with a silver jewel. The beadings on the gown will also be beneficial in choosing the metal to compliment.

Choose jewelry that accents the dress.

The jewelry should not overpower the dress. The wedding jewelry should act as an accent to the wedding dress and highlight it in scale. The size of the jewelry will enhance the bridal look and also Biradal mackup is more impotent. You can visit for bridal makeup artist in vijayawada. The jewelry should not be too small to an extent of being unnoticed. In case the dress is simple, don’t wear too much jewelry, a single necklace can highlight the rest of the attire.

Avoid too many colors in wedding jewelry

It’s good to have one or two colors. They should integrate with the gown. Too many colors tawdry and swipe away the original beauty of the bride.

Keep metals to a minimum

Don’t spoil the look with too many metals. A maximum of two can enhance the beauty. For a white gown, white gold and platinum can give that elegant look.

Keep comfort in mind

The wedding day may be long and tedious, therefore the comfort of the jewelry should be a consideration. Avoid wearing bulky jewelry that can be cumbersome which may be heavy and limit you during activities such as dancing. Therefore, choose lighter jewelry in different sizes.

Final words

In conclusion, wedding jewelry forms an important part in creating vivid memories for the event. The jewelry also enhances the beauty and complements the dress for the bride and the outfit for the bridegroom. Since you will keep the jewelry for future use even after the wedding, it’s good to choose jewelry that you will be comfortable wearing later.