Building links to your ecommerce website is one of the most important aspects of online visibility and driving quality traffic. In this article, we will discuss the latest and most effective link building techniques that ecommerce sites can implement to get quick results.

White Hat SEO Link Building Techniques

White hat link building follows Google’s guidelines and focuses on naturally building links through quality content and outreach. Some of the best white hat techniques for ecommerce include:

1. Create High-Quality Product Pages

Your individual product pages should be blog-style pages that include in-depth information about the product, recommendations, user reviews, specifications, comparison with competitors’ products and more. Well-optimized product pages attract links naturally from other sites reviewing or mentioning those products.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an excellent way to build authoritative links for ecommerce sites. Research top blogs and websites in your industry and pitch them articles about popular industry trends, product reviews or buying guides related to your products.

3. Broken Link Building

Find broken or dead links on competitor websites or industry authority sites using tools like Ahrefs and create similar content for those pages on your site. Politely reach out and suggest replacing the dead link with your content page.

4. Curate Ultimate Guides

Create detailed guides, reports or eBooks around popular industry topics and themes. Curate high-quality content from multiple websites to make guides that attract natural links.

5. Host Webinars

Host webinars covering useful industry topics for your target audience. Mention your site and links to relevant products or pages. Webinars help establish yourself as an industry expert.

6. Create Visual Content

Make detailed visual content like infographics, interactive content, video tutorials etc explaining industry topics or how to use your products. Visual content gets widely shared attracting natural backlinks.

7. Community Engagement

Share your expertise by commenting and engaging on relevant industry forums, Quora, Reddit etc. Provide value-added responses attracting backlinks over time.

Website Link Building Techniques

In addition to content-based approaches, websites themselves offer link building opportunities:

Optimize Internal Linking

Include internal links between important homepage sections, category pages, high traffic product pages etc. Use keyword optimized anchor text for internal links.

Use Site Maps

Google allows one sitemap per site which should include all pages updating regularly. Sitemaps help search engines discover all site pages faster.

Make Logo Clickable

Ensure company name/logo displayed across site links back to homepage. Logos act as ubiquitous backlinks from every site page.

Link to Categories

Add relevant category links in footer, navigation etc to important sections. Category links improve internal linking and architecture.

Optimize Contact Us

Contact pages should have linkable phone numbers, addresses. Embed Google Maps for store locations with clickable pins acting as backlinks.

Add Tag/Category Clouds

Popular tags and categories featured on homepage/category pages as internal backlinks improve discoverability within site.

Review Schema Markup

Implement JSON-LD or microdata to inform Google about reviews on product pages for enhanced visibility on Google searches.

Best Link Building Techniques

Apart from white hat tactics, here are some of the most effective link building techniques ecommerce sites can implement:

Online Partnerships

Reach out to complementary but non-competing online businesses to strategically mention and link to each other. For example, link exchanges between travel sites and accessory stores.

Broken Link Opportunities

Many large ecommerce sites often have broken links under popular categories or locations. Create similar content and politely ask webmasters to replace broken links with yours.

Guest Posts with Visuals

Include high-quality product shot or mockups as part of visual-first guest posts on top blogs. Link naturally back to relevant product pages.

Local Business Citations

Claim and optimize Google My Business, Foursquare, Yelp, Bing Places and other local listing sites to build links from local SEO.

Press Mentions

Reach out to top blogs and industry authority sites with a newsworthy angle. Well-written press releases highlighting new products, launches, milestones often attract links.

Infographic Partnerships

Collaborate with top industry bloggers and influencers to feature your products transparently through infographics comparing brands or industry statistics visualizations.

Email Newsletter Partnerships

Reach out to leaders in your niche with large email subscriber bases. Cover topics of mutual interest establishing long-term sustainable backlink gaining relationships.

Social Signals

Curate top hashtagged Twitter conversations by industry experts. Add value with relevant comments and links to your site carefully according to Twitter guidelines.

Guest Posting Networks

Find topical blogs syndicating others’ posts with links. Publish insightful guest posts following submissions rules to attract links over time through expert roundups and features.

YouTube Partnerships

Contact micro-influencers with relevant YouTube channels. Send review units establishing long-term influencer relationships attracting natural embedded links in video descriptions over time.

Monitoring Link Building Results

Use free tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer to audit current backlinks, assess on-page coverage of optimized landing pages and track campaigns’ results. Regular audits help identify weak spots refining long-term strategies for quicker link building results through outreach follow-ups and content tweaks.

With consistent implementation of white hat linking tactics focusing on quality content and relationships, ecommerce websites can gain substantial visibility boosting fast through well-implemented latest link building strategies. Focus outreach quality over quantity ensuring long term sustainable results.

Example of High-Quality Product Pages:

Amazon sets the bar for product page optimization – they include detailed specifications, high-resolution product images from multiple angles, similar and frequently bought together products, extensive reviews and Q&As from customers.

For example, take a look at the product page for this phone on Amazon:

Examples of Guest Posts:

Brian Dean of Backlinko regularly writes insightful guest posts for top blogs like Moz, Quicksproot, Convince and Convert providing links back to his authoritative website.

For example, see one of his recent guest posts on Quicksproot:

Resource for Broken Link Opportunities:

Ahrefs offers a broken link checker tool that finds broken links pointing to your domain and also identifies expired domains where you can recreate similar content – great for replicating linking opportunities.

Their Site Audit tool can check for broken links on competitor sites too.

Examples of Infographic Partnerships: publishes infographics created along with partners like Micro strategy and Anthropic providing natural branded mentions:

Example of Email Newsletter Partnerships:

The Hustle collaborates with companies like Anthropic, Notion and Canva for topical articles establishing long-term backlink generating relationships between big companies and authoritative newsletters.

Example of YouTube Partnerships:

Influencer Casey Neistat reviews and promotes Beam electric scooters on his popular YouTube channel giving Beam a major brand push and links in video descriptions.

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Latest Link Building Techniques for Ecommerce – FAQs

What are the best link building techniques?
Some of the most effective link building techniques include creating high-quality content, guest blogging, broken link building, visual content creation, curating resource pages and guides, community engagement and outreach to industry sites. Focusing content efforts to attract natural links through partnerships and influencer relationships also works well.

How do I build backlinks for my ecommerce site?
Ecommerce sites can focus on content-based techniques like optimizing product pages, hosting webinars and guest blogging with visuals. Outreach techniques include finding broken link opportunities, building local business citations and pitching unique angles to online publications. Strategic online partnerships, email newsletter relationships and YouTube collaborations also gain good ecommerce links.

What are white hat link building techniques?
White hat linking follows Google’s quality guidelines and involves naturally gaining links through high-quality, useful content and respectful outreach. This includes techniques like creating detailed product pages, curating detailed guides and reports, conducting community engagement and broken link building politely asking to replace dead links.

How do I get backlinks fast?
While links take time, some techniques provide quicker results than others. Focusing link building efforts on techniques that provide foundational links quickly like optimized site architecture through internal linking, creating visual content across social networks and asking existing customers for testimonials helps gain initial links at a faster pace. Broken link opportunities, email signature links and local citation building also generate results quicker when implemented right.

What is the best free link building tool?
Free tools that help efficiently find linking opportunities include Ahrefs Site Explorer for auditing current backlinks, competitor analysis and uncovering potential broken link targets. Google Search Console tracks backlinks too. Screaming Frog crawls sites for broken links. SEMrush KEYWORD tool identifies linking themes. CognitiveSEO and Ahrefs Broken Link tool check broken links on competitor websites.

Is guest blogging still effective?
While traditional guest blogging works slower than before, it remains an effective link building tactic when done strategically and for the right reasons. Focus on sites that accept very few high-quality guest posts and pitch unique content that clearly educates the target audience. Only pursue relationships with relevant websites that naturally accept outside contributions sparingly.

How can I get my first backlink?
Initial link building focuses on simpler techniques involving less outreach like optimizing on-page architecture through improved internal linking, social signal boosting by adding clickable phone numbers and contact addresses and curating essential industry glossaries. Optimized website templates have improved clickable logo links. Asking existing customers for online recommendations and shoutouts helps too.

What’s the best way to build niche links?
Micro-niche focused tactics work well because they target a very specific audience with specialized needs. This includes techniques like addressing broken category or location links on competitor sites, creating niche-specific tutorials around common problems, pitching targeted guest posts covering trending industry shifts and publishing guides curating unique dataset for strategically engaged niches. Approaching niche forums and communities for collaboration helps build initial links too.

What are ethical link building strategies?
Ethical or white hat link building focuses on gaining relevance through relationships and quality content while avoiding tactics that mislead search engines. This involves outreach centered around partnerships, curation of unique data visualization assets and community involvement. Leveraging useful opportunities like broken links or forgotten mentions for polite suggestions establishes credibility long term. Building content helps solve challenges facing target groups in authentic ways.

How do I improve my domain authority?
Focus on link building techniques that gain relevance through usefulness instead of manipulations like guest posting networks or paid links that provide temporary metrics boosts but hurt organic rankings long term. Consistently publish content resolving specific problems within communities through natural connections. Gaining backlinks from .edu sites and local entities improves relevance and authority recognized by search engines over time when backed by helpful resources.

How do I build ecommerce product links?
Optimized product pages discussing comparison factors, installation intricacies and troubleshooting advice attract natural affiliate links. Technical specifications visualizations create shared context whereas reviews from industry experts establish expertise. Blog post partnerships present products in new light through unexplored uses. YouTube videos teaching new consumers get embedded by retailers as additional buying resources. Influencer promotions reveal unique applications fitting specialized communities through storytelling.

What are ethical outreach techniques?
Ethical outreach centers relationships through interesting content discovering new connections serendipitously over weeks instead of blasting randomized mass pitches demanding immediate reactions or exchanges raising credibility questions. Relevance through specialized usefulness matters more than superficial influences whereas empowering others strengthens trust better than manipulating vulnerabilities. Sustainable relationships come from understanding target needs through their expertise and serving them through patience.

How do guest posts help local businesses?
Authority websites local to targeted places accept guest contributions genuinely describing value propositions through local expert perspectives and reference local small enterprises favorably for geographic communities. Hyper local guest posts resonate through problem focused stories whereas authority site links signal trustworthiness locally. Periodic locality roundups introduce multiple nearby small companies innovatively whereas reader recommended business listings show voted appreciation naturally. Nuanced understanding aligns geographical communities through mutually beneficial frameworks.

What links bring fastest results?
Citation building integrated within local micro neighborhoods emerges through community understandings whereas customer recommendations transparently humanize expert understandings. Curated partnerships showcase specialized applications authentically whereas local events share expertise accessibly. Relevant social conversations establish familiarity whereas niche forums demonstrate specialty. Thoughtful broken link suggestions resolve previous connections whereas unlinked mentions highlight forgotten expertise. Foundational tactics complement content focused perspectives patiently.