Since we all use our smartphones so frequently, selecting the best keyboard app for you might be crucial. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make on your phone is which Android keyboard apps to use. Keyboards can see everything you input, from passwords to social security numbers, it’s critical to have one you trust and like. In recent years, a slew of new keyboard apps has appeared, each with its own unique interface and set of functionalities. Nowadays, keyboard apps are primarily concerned with offering the greatest possible user experience. You’ll have to sift through a plethora of options on Google Play and the Apple App Store in order to locate the finest keyboard app. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite and most trusted keyboards for tweeting, texting, and typing articles in a crowded bar. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a selection of the greatest Keyboard apps that will give you a truly unique experience. The following apps all offer unique features that make them the greatest Android and iOS keyboards currently available.


1. Chrooma: Hydrogen Keyboard is a good alternative to Google Keyboard if you like it but want more customisation (formerly known as Chrooma). Both in terms of usage and design, it resembles Google Keyboard. Hydrogen Keyboard’s number row at the top may be slid left or right to access clipboard controls or commonly used emoji, unlike Google Keyboard. It includes a split mode for thumb typing, night mode, and regular emoji, not the awful Android ones.

You know how cool and relaxing backlighting is whether you’re a gamer or if you’ve used RBG LED strips. Chrooma is a free iPhone software that replaces your iPhone’s keyboard with a complete RGB illuminated keypad. A grammar checker is also available. You can choose between a pulsing wave effect and a soothing colour transition when Chrooma is installed.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard: Like Gboard, SwiftKey Keyboard has built-in search features, but it defaults to Bing. SwiftKey is a well-known and well-liked keyboard. SwiftKey, like Google Keyboard, makes input easier and faster by using gestures. For finding GIFs and emojis, it features a more polished user interface. It also includes an aggressive, artificially intelligent autocorrect engine that learns how you type and improves over time at correcting typos. SwiftKey is unrivaled when it comes to prediction, analyzing your typing history to provide time-saving and often startlingly precise predictions of what word or phrase you’ll want next.

SwiftKey is an excellent place to start if you don’t have any specific requirements and simply want a stylish, customisable, and easy-to-use keyboard. New themes are available for download, some of which are purchased and others which are not. You may also design your own if you’re feeling really inventive, adding features such as a number row on top of your keyboard or arrow keys for easier text navigation.

SwiftKey’s floating keyboard is something that sets it differently. You can undock the keyboard, resize it, and drag it wherever on the screen to type, as well as use it in one-handed mode or as a split thumb keyboard. On a bigger device, such as a tablet, these functions are very helpful. SwiftKey also features data and preferences that are seamlessly synced between devices, a range of theme options, and smooth auto-correct support even when switching between languages.

3. Bharat keyboard: The ability to conduct end-to-end transactions, starting with the keyboard and extending through the WhatsApp conversation experience, is one of the features being developed. Bharat keyboard uses a self-learning mechanism to give individualized material to its consumers. It started off as a selfie sticker app, but as more features were added, it evolved into something much more. It has a function that uses facial recognition to transform selfies into GIFs and stickers. Some of the extra features included multilingual language support, glide typing, custom fonts, themes, voice typing, and autocorrection.

The features work in real time thanks to their ability to synchronize face emotions, head, and facial tone with the sticker’s mood, theme, and body. Bobble is a hugely famous Indian keyboard app that aims to make personalizing material on smartphones more accessible to everyone.

Keyboards in many languages have also been released by Bharat Keyboard.

  • Malayalam Keyboard: The greatest and most elegant android keyboard that will completely transform the chatting experience. The Malayalam keyboard App has customized Malayalam sticker packs as well as a fantastic sticker prediction technology to make your chats more enjoyable. This Manglish Keyboard will change your views on Chatting and Messaging. You can have Malayalam Keyboard Apk or Malayalam Keyboard Online from playstore.
  • Hindi Keyboard: With the greatest Hindi Keyboard App, you may dazzle your friends and family with your Hindi typing skills. Customize the keyboard with themes, fonts, a unique design, and customizable stickers to make it uniquely yours. With Hindi Keyboard Online, produced by Bharat Keyboards, you can celebrate every festival and special occasion with a fun sticker and gifs.

Ginger Keyboard: Themes, emoji, gesture typing, good autocorrect, shortcuts to essential apps, and even search are all available in Ginger Keyboard. In addition to autocorrect, Ginger Keyboard offers a spell checker. Ginger Keyboard, on the other hand, is free, but it only makes eight adjustments. If you want to build your own themes, you can do so in the Ginger store, or you can buy them singly or in packs. The majority of the apps on this list allow you to customise and even build your own themes. When it comes to this platform, it offers built-in games, which is a really basic function. Aside from that, Ginger is a perfectly good keyboard app, with Google voice typing, translation, and Grammarly-style corrections and writing suggestions. Ginger’s iOS keyboard was unfortunately terminated in 2015.