Do you know about the Last to Chat scam? If not, then no problem as this article has all the information about the application called Last2Chat.

It seems to be a fantastic app as you can earn money by just following a few simple steps. Based in the US, this app is not available in all countries. There are many exciting things about this app that you may want to try, but before you do, you need to know about its drawbacks.

Keep reading this article to stock up on all the information you need to stay safe.

What is the latest chat scam?

I am talking about the Last2Chat application, located in the United States and currently unavailable in all parts of the world. The company says: “Win the debate and make new friends.”

The application is compatible with the versions of Android and iOS mobile phones.

It provides its users with a wide range of news, from entertainment to fashion. Users can promote their news and debate with other users about news articles. Users can win prizes (money) after reaching the set goal. But you need at least ten likes for your comment to qualify for the contest.

In Last to Chat Scam, you can invite friends to support and vice versa. In the application, sections are divided into Messages, Chat and Contacts. Each article includes a countdown and goals along with a reward.

More information about the application:

• The application was released on March 29, 2019.

• It was last updated on January 16, 2021.

• Last Labs Inc offers it.

• You can send an inquiry to [email protected]. It has over 5,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

What is

We want to tell you that the company has its official website –, from which you can quickly download the application. The site has a domain age of 2 years and nine months since it was registered in April 2018.

Customers opinion:

Last to Chat Scam reports that the app received a 3.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. Mixed reviews were received for this.

One user claimed that the site was paying out the money earned using PayPal. He also suggested that the company ban shorter messages as they are unlikely to make more likes. People praised the app and also made some suggestions.

However, some people also wrote that they were receiving spam messages to download this app. The app may seem old and useful, but it’s not. they also recommended not to download it.

Have you tried to use this app? Is it available in your country? Tell us in the comments section.

Final Verdict:

Last to Chat Scam may and may not be accurate. The mixed reactions to this application lead to no conclusions.

We’d say you shouldn’t download this app even though you can earn money with it. However, if you found the app to be completely safe after using it yourself, please leave a comment to help others.