This guide provides details that will help you determine if Lassiter Tennis Academy is a scam or legit.

Tennis is a popular sport in America. No matter what age, all Americans love to play the sport. However, not everyone is able to enjoy the sport. Chad Lassiter is a professional tennis player who decided to start an academy for all tennis fans.

Chad Lassiter, the director and owner for tennis operations, is also a certified instructor and professional with more than 21 years of experience. Lassiter Tennis Academy was established by him. It has been around for over ten years.

But Lassiter Tennis Academy Scam Or Legit?

What’s Lassiter Tennis Academy?

Lassiter Tennis Academy offers tennis lessons to everyone, regardless of age in the United States. Chad Lassiter, a tennis professional, is the owner and director of the academy. Chad Lassiter has been in the tennis industry for over 21 years. He teaches through his innovative classes.

Lassiter Tennis Academy is a place for tennis lovers and players who wish to improve their game. During the summer, Chad Lassiter offers private lessons in tennis and pickleball. Parents want their children to join the academy as summer nears.

However, you should verify that it does not scam before enrolling your children in the academy.

Is Lassiter Tennis Academy a Scam Legit?

Before you sign up your children at the Lassiter Tennis Academy, make sure it is legitimate. We found important facts that are worth sharing after analyzing the website.

  • The domain is not new as it is more than ten years old. It was registered on April 10, 2011, and will expire on April 10, 2022.
  • The website’s trust index is at 80%. This is an average trust score, and should be investigated before being used. There is neither an Alexa ranking nor a trust ranking. Further research is needed to determine if Lassiter Tennis Academy scam is real.
  • After evaluation, we discovered that the website had active Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Pages. They respond to queries from customers.
  • The website does not have a section for individual reviews. We also found no reviews, other than comments on the Facebook page.
  • The website also has another URL that redirects to

These findings prove that the legitimacy of the academy cannot be confirmed. Research is important before you enroll in the academy.

What customers have to say?

We haven’t found any testimonials or reviews from customers to verify whether the Lassiter tennis Academy Scam is real or not. Only a few comments and questions were found on the official Facebook page. It also includes a link to another portal,, redirecting to

We do not have any individual reviews on the site. Therefore, we advise readers to thoroughly review the portal before they use it. Readers should also be aware of Tips to Protect Yourself From a Scam.


Lassiter Tennis Academy claims it is the best tennis academy. There, lessons are given by Chad Lassiter, a skilled and experienced tennis professional. There are no comments, testimonials or reviews to verify whether the Lassiter Tennis Academy is a scam.

Before enrolling your children in the academy, make sure you thoroughly research the website. Are you currently a student at this academy? You can also leave your feedback in the comments section.