You may be familiar with the famous water bottle brand, LARQ. This water bottle is well-known because of its UV-C led creation. This is the first water bottle with UV-C technology that purifies the water instantly.

This product is used daily by millions of people in the United States . Canada and United Kingdom. Justin Wang was the founder and wanted to sign a contract with Lori. This brings new insights about the Larq Water Bottle net Worth 2022.

What do they know about their financial position?

All financial discussions started in 2021. Justin Wang’s Company was doing very well in the market. In a presentation, he stated that his company could be valued at 500000 USD for a one-percent share. In the business discussion, however, many companies disbelieved Justin’s presentation.

The company’s sales were so high, many people became interested in the business. Lori Greiner was joined by Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and they announced a 500000 USD equity offer. Wang requested that the three of them sum up the amount, and make it about 1.5 million USD.

Larq company value

After the business meeting, many people start to discuss the value LARQ Company. Even the media published the story. The undisputed fact is that the business deal never was closed. However, as you can see from the financial statement the bank ratio was very high for this company.

It costs close to 6.5 millions USD. It helps the company market new products. LARQ’s business is steadily growing after the introduction of new products as well as other buying agreements. According to the company’s most recent financial statements, it has already earned 30 millions USD in 2022.

Larq Water Bottle Net Worth 2022

According to the most recent financial reports, this company has a net worth of 32.5 million USD. There are many factors that can increase the company’s revenue, according to experts. The company now has three products. One of these products, “PureVis”, is well-known among buyers.

The product has received 4.6 reviews. The official website provides information. LARQ also signed deals with Amazon and Best Buy, online retailers. Sales and the Larq Company Value are on the rise daily.

Why is the News Trending

Forbes published a Forbes article about this subject recently. Justin Wang was even interviewed in Forbes. Wang spoke candidly about the company’s value. According to Wang’s estimation, it amounts to nearly 50 million dollars. Many other startups are also inspired and motivated by the growing LARQ.


According to a recent expert LARQ is expanding its product offerings. To reach more people, the company is constantly innovating. Experts expect it to affect Larq water bottle net worth 2022.

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