Laravel framework is a highly popular and preferred PHP framework for web development. Laravel is an open-source framework introduced as an advanced alternative to CodeIgniter for successful and scalable application development. Laravel has come up with many versions for development. 

The most recent version introduced by the team of Laravel is Laravel 9 to provide more advanced support to web applications built using Laravel. This blog post will explain why Laravel is the best PHP framework and why business owners should choose Laravel for their digital product development. 

Why Is Laravel The Best PHP framework For Web App Development?

Laravel is generally used for developing custom web applications with the help of PHP. Laravel framework is best for handling and managing repetitive and complex tasks that include routing, authentication, etc. Moreover, it provides the best back-end support to web applications. 

Let’s look at the top reasons that make Laravel the best PHP framework for development:


Laravel, as PHP framework, provides the best security support in the process of web app development and provides support after the completion of the application. Laravel stop injection attacks that occur on database with the help of in-built prepared SQL statements. Below are a few security features offered by Laravel:

  • Authenticated HTTP Security
  • Usage of Encryption
  • Alerts for Reset and Password
  • User Authentication
  • Manual Login in Users


Laravel is highly cost-effective compared to other PHP frameworks. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the open-source platform that Laravel offers. In addition to that, Laravel works on MVC architecture, which is divided into three sections Model, View, and Controller. 

Whenever business owners hire Laravel developer for web app development, these three elements have a well-defined role in managing business logic, user interface, and controlling the whole process. This MVC architecture reduces the development time and cost and helps get products market-ready.

Blade Template Engine

Blade templating engine is user-friendly that allows using HTML and PHP. This engine has a pre-installed Laravel web platform that permits the creation of templates to make the development process more efficient. 

The Blade templating engine is lightweight and provides structure to display data and design without affecting the web application’s performance. It also allows the development of creative and unique designs or layouts. 

Effective Testing

Laravel provides unit testing features that allow developers to test the product in the process of development. In most cases, manual testing takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, Laravel provides an autonomous testing feature that tests the web application and fixes the issues and bugs whenever they occur. The unit test feature offered by Laravel can be used through PHPUnit.

Automated Packaging System

Laravel provides an automated packaging system that helps in the process of installation. It also helps in detecting the right package to install to fullfill their business requirement and disabling the not required packages to boost the performance of web applications. 

This feature was introduced in version 5.5 of Laravel. 

Strong Community

Laravel is an open-source framework and the most preferred PHP framework for web app development and has large community support. A strong community is also one of the reasons business owners should consider choosing Laravel for their product development. On Github, Laravel has 69.7K Star and 22.6K Fork. This big active community showcases the trust in Laravel for web development, and also the community can also be helpful in the development process to solve errors and bugs. 

Object-Oriented Libraries & ORM

Laravel has in-built object-oriented libraries that provide the best qualities and features, including password resetting, an encryption protocol, monitoring of active users, and CSRF security ( Cross-Site Request Forgery ). 

Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping is used by Laravel to provide quick data. It helps develop a relationship between tables that is very helpful in interlinking all the items. 

Above are a few key reasons business owners can consider before choosing Laravel for web development. However, if you are looking for more clarity, check out the detailed blog post on Why use Laravel for web application development.


Laravel is the most reliable and secure web application development framework. This blog has adequate information on why you should choose Laravel for your successful and scalable web development. Laravel is flexible and easy to use and provides various features, including the Artisan Command-Line, MVC architecture, and, most importantly, cost-effective web development. 

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