Are you someone looking to buy Nintendo switches and related products? Then you must read this article before buying from Is everyone in the United States who has seen this site on the web excited to find out if is legit or is it a big scam?

If this also concerns you, I must say that you have reached the correct page. We researched this website and came here with honest reviews that will get you excited after looking at the information available in this article.

If you have reached this page, it means that you are a potential buyer and by asking that question you are showing that you are serious about your purchasing decisions. So here you will find information about what this website is, its pros, cons and customer reviews so you can get to know it better.

But before letting you know, if is legit or not. First, let’s learn what this website is.

What is is an e-commerce site that sells Sony and Xbox terrestrial switches, games and other products at very low prices. At first glance, the website finds a perfect e-commerce store which is the main selling quality of electronic products for customers.

When we went to the contact page of the website, we discovered that they have included their contact details with a contact number and an email address. And other pages like shipping policy, refund policy, and privacy policies are working too. However, the content found a duplicate. Also, the site offers too many discounts on all products, showing a strategy of “too good deals”.

In this post, we are only sharing the red flags that we have found when reviewing reviews online. Specifications:

• Website type: e-commerce site for Nintendo and related products.

• Company Email ID: [email protected]

• Company address: 8800. Av. Nagle Arleta. California. 91331.

• Company contact number: 570-517-4896

• Return / Exchange Policy: Provided (30-day money-back guarantee)

• Payment method: PayPal, visa, master card, stripe and cash on delivery.

• Shipping information: provided.

Advantages of buying at

• The site includes various products such as play stations, Nintendo switches and Xbox.

• The site provides detailed information about the products.

• The site offers a great discount on each product.

• No transparencies or reviews of were found on the web.

• The site offers a 14-day trial and a 30-day money guarantee.

• The site offers a simple return policy.

Cons of buying at

• The domain of the site has 4 days

• The site has no existence on social networks.

• The site contains duplicate content.

• The site includes copied images.

• The site has not shared about its owner.

Is legit or not?

There are many scam ecommerce sites that work. Well, scam sites primarily target people’s emotions by offering them fantastic deals, that is, providing discounts of 50% -70%. People mostly fall into this trap. If you don’t want to be part of this scam, beware of such scam and find out that it is

In our findings, we concluded that the site’s domain is only four days old. The site does not have the social appearance and also the site offers too many good deals on each product: 70 to 80% discount. This e-store has a shared physical address, contact number, and email address for customers to communicate with.

However, the product descriptions, site content and images found were copied. The other shocking facts about this website is that it does not contain owner information anywhere on the website. This sounds like a big alarm that you should avoid

What are people saying about

As we said, this site domain is only four days old. There is no Alexa ranking we have found. Similarly, there are no customer reviews that are present on the web.

However, with our best efforts, we could not find any positive comments for the site. Hence, the site looks like a big scam. And the answer is that legitimate is No.

Well, we’re not saying blindly recognize us. You should do your research. But the main reason we don’t recommend this site is that it has no traffic, no trust score, and the domain was created 4 days ago.