On a mobile or desktop screen, there’s going to be some gap between the celebrities on social media that you see on a daily routine as well as “real life.” While some creators of content will find it’s unnecessary to conceal information to their followers and their followers (often even to the point of sexism) while others prefer to keep their lives in a distinct way.

The place that TikTok user ladydrivah2.0 was on this range, we’ll never know, however it appears that the performer, a trucker, may be trying to conceal something from her fellow honorary TikTok convoy.

Although the cause of death has not been identified ladydrivah’s (real name is Rachelle) an additional user that goes under the name of p_ssed_off_truckah the platform, revealed in an emotional video on the platform that his buddy recently passed passing away. It is understandable that they would like to keep the details private the platform does not provide any details of the cause for Rachelle’s death and if it was an accident or caused by an illness.

Following the news, there are a number of videos were released to mourn ladydrivah’s (who was from Florida) passing and many of them seem to be truckers themselves.

As per The Focus the report claims that a deleted post on TikTok from an unidentified user claims that they have spoken to Rachelle’s familymembers, and revealed the family they had been told that Rachelle was found dead in her vehicle in Jacksonville on November. 10. The cause of death was mentioned for the 38-year-old. it is obvious that given the uncertain nature of this unsubstantiated account that the reality could differ from the information stated above.

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