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There are few activities that are as fun and fast-paced as horseback riding. If you are new to this vibrant hobby, you will get the best experience by investing in a few classic items of gear. One of the essentials on your list should be a good set of ladies’ breeches. While it’s possible to ride horses with just jeans, you will experience a smoother and much more comfortable ride with ladies riding breeches.

If you’ve been hesitant on investing in a pair of ladies’ breeches because you’ve heard that they aren’t very comfortable, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that ladies’ breeches actually fit quite well and are very comfortable. In fact, ladies riding breeches were the number one essential item for ladies who rode horses in a time long before jeans were even around, let alone appropriate for women to wear.

 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Riding Breeches

If you’re looking to buy your first set of ladies riding breeches, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to get the best set possible.

First, you will want to decide on the type of ladies’ breeches you actually want to purchase. There are two main types of ladies’ breeches: half-seat and full-seat. This refers to the extra patching that is sewn into the material to provide a better grip as you sit in the saddle. A full-seat set of ladies’ riding breeches means that the patches that are normally found just on the knees extend up the leg and cover the seat of the breeches as well.

Ladies Breeches Size

When it comes to ladies’ breeches, sizing will be measured a bit differently than in traditional women’s pants. The sizing is measured in terms of a woman’s natural waist, which means that you will have to go from your actual waist measurement in order to get the best fit possible. It can be tempting to go a little higher in the waist measurement in order to find a bigger size, but you don’t want to do that with a pair of ladies’ breeches. The way they have constructed means that the proper size that you actually should have will be a much better fit. The next higher size might be too loose and won’t stay on properly. After all, unlike jodhpurs, ladies riding breeches are designed to fit you very closely and be worn on their own.

Breech Material

There is a wide range of materials available when it comes to ladies riding breeches, and the beginner may want to choose a more inexpensive material to make sure that they are comfortable with the new breeches, to begin with. Good starting materials are synthetics or cotton that can give you the opportunity to get used to riding with ladies’ breeches on.

All things considered; a good pair of ladies’ breaches is one of the most essential items to have when learning how to horseback ride.