Beauty lovers know what they want in their wigs. First, the style should be attractive, match their personality, and set off their face to perfection. Second, the wig should be high-quality and easy to take care of, and it should not shed with either comb or finger combing. Furthermore, this wig should maintain its style until they’re ready to re-style. The most important thing is that this wig should be breathable; people don’t want to wear stuffy wigs. Affordable prices are also important for many people.

Headband wigs are a good choice, as seen by their demand in the market. Many customers are fond of headband wigs but are disappointed by only being able to wear them in one style. So, we have developed the lace headband wig!

Lace headband wigs blend headband wigs and lace front wigs and combine the advantages of both. The original headband wigs are machine-made. And although you can wear a variety of styles, they are frustrating for customers who prefer a center part. So, we fused a lace frontal into the headband wig so that the wearer could have a medium part. In addition, the lace front looks similar to a scalp, giving a more natural overall effect. At a glance, it seems like you are wearing a lace wig. If you wear a lace headband wig to a formal occasion, it will look exquisite and dignified.

We also take into account the changing seasons. When spring comes, the temperature rises and sweating becomes a daily occurrence.

We improved the hairband material, from a silky polyester fiber, to a natural, sweat-absorbent fiber material. The lace headband wig is the best choice for fitness enthusiasts. The wig cap is designed to fit closely to the shape of the human head, and no matter how you move, it will not fall off. The wigs have air holes, giving them a breathable effect, so you don’t have to worry about wet hair – even if you are active for many hours.

We hope that beauty lovers will benefit from this product, so the lace headband wig is as affordable as traditional headband wigs.