Do you know a service that helps users get a PPP loan? Users can read on and know about the various features related to this service.

Kservicing .com helps to provide its customers with quality service as well as security through the website only.

The service operates mainly in the United States, and will also help users manage their previously taken loans.

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What is this service about?

It is an online service that helps users deal with their loans, and with it, manage their check protection program.

The service is linked to American Expresses and will help standardize the way users manage their loans. Users must also be aware that any loan they took out with Kservicing .com before October 16, 2020 will only be collected by the Kabbage service.

Payment terms and fees for loans taken before October 16, 2020 will not change. Users can manage their accounts through the new K.

In addition, users can also apply for a loan cancellation to manage their repayments via the new K service page.

Users can also learn about the service and its solutions, such as checking accounts quickly by viewing data on the website. Eligible companies should have fewer than 300 employees.

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Important points about Kservicing .com:

• Users wishing to cancel a PPP loan must submit an application or form to the lender.

• In addition, users must complete a PPP Borrower Information Form, which will specify all details about the company and the borrowers.

• In addition, users wishing to apply for it must follow the lender’s instructions and send them the forms.

• Self-employed users and W-2 employees are eligible for this service.

• In addition, users will need certain forms or documents to complete the form, such as the annual salary report, health or pension insurance, and documents that demonstrate user interest.

• All forms must be submitted on time.

Opinions of people on Kservicing .com:

We can see that the site is collecting no reviews, but the site interface seems to be helpful and the book has received feedback and support from users. The website has been active since 25/08/2020, which is only four months old.

It also mentions all the steps that users must follow to obtain PPP forgiveness.


It turned out that the site has been valid for four months and there are currently no internet reviews. Therefore, we recommend US users to investigate the site themselves before using it.

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