Most of us may have heard or experienced coffee crashes. You feel energetic and alert for a few hours after consuming coffee and then crash – now you feel tired and lethargic. Is there a kratom crash? 

Yes. But not so soon. You can nicely go about doing your day’s activities before you begin to feel tired. It also depends on the dose you took in the morning and, of course, in what form you took kratom – capsules, tea, powder, or gummies. 

Kratom gummies in Massachusetts are popular because of the quicker onset of their effects. Users have found that capsules take around 45 minutes to produce results. Powder might be quicker than this, but gummies, voila, start producing effects before you finish chewing them! 

According to experts, this is because gummies contain kratom alkaloids in a highly concentrated form. While you chew the gummy, much of its extract gets released in the mouth and is absorbed by mucous membranes of the mouth. From here, the alkaloids can travel directly to your brain. 

The rest of the gummy goes into your stomach, where it is digested and absorbed in the blood, giving you the full effect. 

When does crashing from kratom set in?

Kratom crash sets in when its effects begin to wither down. It is important to choose the strain wisely to avoid crashes while you are in the middle of a board meeting, driving, or doing other such physical or mental activity.

Avoid red strains during the day because they are actually designed to give you a crash. This means they will sedate you. They are meant to give you a good night’s sleep. You will feel heavily sedated and relaxed within an hour of taking a strong red strain such as Red Bali Kratom Powder

To avoid a crash, be particular in doses because kratom is known to sedate in higher doses. 

When you buy kratom from a Massachusetts kratom shop, check the dose contained in a capsule, gummy, or softgel. In the case of powder, measure it accurately on a digital weighing scale. 

Different strains, different results 

Except red, you may try other strains of kratom for the day. White strains are the most stimulating. 


  • White Maeng Da 
  • White Borneo
  • White Kalimantan
  • White Indo
  • White Bali
  • White Sumatra

You can get white kratom strains in varying forms like capsules, powders, gummies, and softgels. 

For mild stimulation, choose green strain. They may not be as strong as white, but they give you a good enough feeling of euphoria, which makes you face the day in a calm and composed manner. 


  • Super Green Maeng Da
  • Premium green Malay
  • Green Thai
  • Green Horn
  • Green Thai
  • Green Bali
  • Super Green Indo
  • Green Borneo

The purest kratom is available only at reputable and certified vendors. Search for “kratom near me” and you will find one. Avoid going to just any store that sells kratom. 

Those wishing to try kratom gummies must remember that these come in the highly concentrated form of alkaloids, so go slow in chewing a gummy and avoid emptying the whole pack at a time no matter how yummy they taste!