Alcohol is always an active part of human life since Egyptians were among the first who consumed distilled spirits. There are more than millions of different and distinct tasting alcohol variations with different flavours and textures from then till now. And now, this exceptional collection of drinks are available with doorstep delivery and online purchase. In the aftermath of the Virus outbreak two years ago, almost every business sector is dependent on e-commerce to take their trade to a different platform. This also helps the customers get their aspired products with maximum profitable deals with a minimal waiting period.

Among others, Alcohol Brewery and other spirits related organisations did turn to digitise the whole process. This initiative did bring many spirit enthusiasts closer to their desired exotic drinks; one of the instances is with the Kraken Black Spiced Rum. This exemplary drink is manufactured in the USA by Proximo Spirits. With the help of many online platforms such as Spirit Masters, Dan Murphy etc., this rum with a rich heritage of the sailors and their Mythological Norse roots for the name of the rum itself is just an addition to the uniquely vintage-styled bottle. This drink is not available for sale in local stores, and it can only be shipped to Australia and purchased online.

Kraken Rum Australia

Kraken Rum is a dark, rich, complex rum perfect for sipping neat or mixing into your favourite cocktails. The rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, and it features a rich and complex flavour that has made it one of the most popular rums on the market. Whether you’re looking for a new rum to add to your bar collection or you’re just looking for a new drink to enjoy, Kraken Black Spiced Rum is worth trying. It primarily is based on caramel and molasses to flavour the spirit, and also, there are thirteen different spices to give the complete texture for the spiced rum, with 47% of alcohol by volume.

Even though its original taste has gotten better over time but it was never dependent on the ageing process as the molasses were enough to give that frisky and robust flavour in the throat whomsoever drank it, the smooth finish is a definite ten on ten even with the percentage of alcohol being that high. Except the taste is similar, the packaging has changed with different variants. Be it the different special edition of the Kraken Rum Ceramic Bottles or the one with the Oceanic Bioluminescent design with the two rings Victorian design and the Kraken monster itself embossed on the bottle representing the dark and robust rum just as the mythical creature, the drink slightly differs in the taste and never fails to impress with the magnificent taste. This rum can be sipped neat, added to cocktails and stirred to perfection.

The various e-commerce platforms where you can get this drink to purchase are:

  • Spirit Masters
  • Dan Murphys
  • Lotte Duty-Free
  • F1RST Tax & Duty-Free
  • Cellarbrations
  • Th Drink Society
  • Value Cellars
  • The Bottle-O
  • Liquorkart Australia
  • Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants
  • Boccaccio Cellars
  • Aussie Liquor Discounts


The online vendor ship of alcohol has undoubtedly revolutionised the whole Brewing Industry. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is one of the many success stories of the spirits, which will be now available for Aussies to add to their collection. Other excellent examples of graceful Brewing are available in the other forms of alcohol such as Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Beer and what not; these are also in great demand among the enthusiasts, and the rich blends and the soothing tastes of these drinks indeed are worth every penny you are willing to spend.