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Kostover com offers a wide range of outdoor wind spinners for sale online. These spinners are available at Kostover com for the best prices. The store provides a detailed description of the products to assist customers in understanding them.

Let’s now learn more about these spinners and the offers offered in these Reviews.What is, an ecommerce website that trades in a range of products such as outdoor spinners, is called Kostover. Additionally, these spinners differ from standard wind spinners you’ll find on the market. To elaborate, the spinners in the Kostover com shop are built with dual wind motion. It uses solar power to generate excellent results.

The website also contains information about the specifications and features of the product. Purchases above $60 qualify for up to 26% discount and free shipping

However, it is recommended to do some research on Legit before making any purchases.

What are the Specifications for

Website visiting link-

Products- outdoor wind spinners

[email protected] Email Address

Contact Number: +65 3159 1577

Contact address – Luobei Juxing Network Technology Co., Ltd. No. 18181, District 1, Qianjin Village, Luobei County

Shipping timing- 10-20 business days

No shipping charges for orders above $60

Refund policy – within 45 business day

Refund policy – within 14 business day

Newsletter Available

Payment methods – Visa and Maestro, JCB. American Express. PayPal. Discover.

Social media connections available

To verify the authenticity of this website, please read the following Kostover com Reviews.

What are the advantages of buying from Kostover com

The website is HTTPS secure.

It offers free shipping for orders above $60

It’s proving to be a flat discount for its products.

It has a certified mail service.

What are the risks of buying from Kostover com

There are no shopper’s remarks.

This site only has a few products.

The user interface was poorly designed.

The social media links that are available do not work.

Is Legit?

As you cannot predict the actual goals of a store, it is advisable to check its originality. These are the key points that you should use to analyze the store’s real goals.

These are the points to be aware of before you place an order at the store.

Website domain registration date – Domain name of e-store created on 27/07/2021

Website expiration date: The registration will expire one year later, which is on 27/07/2022.

Social media icons: The links to social media mentioned on this website are inactive.

Customer comments – There is no Reviews customer found on this website.

Address originality – The address that is available is not valid.

Policies – This site has imitative policy.

Alexa rank-there are no results.

The content quality- it seems that the content is plagiarized.

Index score – site has been awarded a 2% trust score.

Index rank- The trust rank stands at 42.7%.

What are the Kostover com customer reviews?

Without customer feedback, it’s difficult to trust websites these days. Kostover com has no comments regarding the reviews. Aside from that, the site doesn’t have any active social media pages and has not obtained any information about the external links.

We are unable to trust the site because we have not seen any comments from shoppers. If you want to apply for a refund via PayPal, then read here.

The bottom line

At the end of these Kostover com Reviews, we would like to say that if you are interested in the windmill that Kostover com is offering and planning to buy it, then we suggest you drop your plan until you get some genuine reviews about it. There is no customer feedback available and the website is too new to be trusted. Read here how to get a refund if you have initiated the payment via credit card.

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